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Just made a creature that seems unbeatable and also a counter for it


spinoconstrictor for the first one.
tryko for the second.

Yeah spinocon seems like the best counter for it as spinocon has wounding counter and is faster which means spinocon can still bleed it also spinocon has instant distraction which would be useful sometimes

The second one is very powerful but it isnt meant to be unbeatable and yes tryko is one of the examples for beating it but tryko could be pretty wounded as well

to be perfectly honest, i only read the first part of the title when i responded. and thinking on it, constrictor isn’t a guaranteed counter since it depends on what moves are used. and for x raptor, tryko only needs to use it’s impact to win in 1 turn. a crit to win if CS is used first. normal for anything else.

The raptor is a cunning creature so it’s designed to be countered by resilient creatures like tryko, it has 3 cunning moves along with a new move which is like pho’s but does group damage. It’s not designed to be perfect but honestly I think it’s pretty powerful

i like it. maybe slightly lower on the speed would be my only critique.

It’s designed to be the fastest in the game, that’s what’s special about it along with dynamite it can revenge kill so many stuff

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A few more creatures I’ve made recently and these are designed to counter certain meta creatures, all of them have some clues on their stats/resistance, take a guess