Just Made it to Lockwood Estate (1st meeting)

I have to ask… is this what I should expect at entry level from Lockwood Estate?

Almost seems like this person likes to lose to a point just so they can beat up on others to make themselves feel better…

Maybe it is time to bring in a couple bleeders if this is to be expected from this arena… though at least 2 dinos that I can tell are immune… a level 29 indoraptor though… damn…


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Some people cannot take it where they are and deliberately tank to get to a level they can steamroller newer players and get easy incubators. This guy doesnt even change his team to be a more appropriate one for that arena so maybe he is climbing up. well, yeah you have no chance vs him based on levels probably… However, take comfort in the fact that us higher up players beat him black and blue so bad he had to resort to this time consuming strat🤣


Very unlikely… he is probably farming for Incubators for Erliko…

I am seriously considering doing that due to the severe lack of ‘golden nuggets!’

Thanks for letting me know… Just got knocked back down to the ruins though… 2 battles… so maybe… all I want is an incubator… the second match was better… still slightly outmatched due to the dinos of choice given to me against a level 22 stegodeus… but at least that one was a closer match…

I doubt so. Erliko is not any more common in lockwood, its just one arena down and the pool is just 4 dinos less.

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I’m also new to Lockwood… well actually I’ve been going up and down Lockwood and Ruins (that will probably happen to you too)… And I can say I’ve never faced any team like that, so you can relax!.. well almost… not so uncommon to battle dinos at level 23 or 24 sometimes… which can be a pain for necomers like us :cry:

I am in early Lockwood (4.1xx trophies) and I am usually facing team with 1 or 2 uniques, so what happened to you is weird for me. But I can confirm you most of the opponents have average lev 22 in my experience.

I’m at 4300 in lockwood and I tend to battle people like that. My dinos aren’t even close to that. I lose a lot.

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Well after all we are facing 450 delta trophies, so basically we are all in the same boat :sweat_smile:

I love everything about what you just said @roshansoma !

Haha, and yes OP, this is not a lower Lockwood appropriate team … it looks like someone needs an ego boost or can’t stay competitive in their own tier.


This is my current team in Lockwood around 4200-4300 trophies.

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very good baseline team all you need are LOTS of levels and a few key uniques and youll be gold