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Just need some help

Orion, counters pls, just need help learning to counter it cause a base lvl 23 recked me

(Small ps: why does something with 1.6k attack and 130 speed have Long invincibility and IMMUNE to distraction just saying)

Also bonus meme

Everything introduced or buffed ( except monolorhino and the snakes) since 1.10.

I’d definitely say something like Ardentis and Gemini would help. Slowing Orion is pretty essential, so I would say they are pretty good.

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Lol did slow, had invincibility up, couldn’t do anything and the just sidestepped.

Lol I would but adron is only 19, maxima is two fuse away from in locking and I need a lot of Dan to get good fuses for Gemini and koola

Hmm, then I would say something with either good armor and a slowing move and a shattering or Nullifying move

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Hmm armor and shattering yaaa

Heard Thor is good but I feel that just has to side step impact and it’s good

Tenato seems perfect if you know tentoasaurus is super hard to find

I’ve tried stego Ik it doesn’t do well II is just a perfect counter to tanks even monostego can touch it or distract it

That’s true, Thor can do ok, but Side Step really does put a stop to him doing too much damage. Procerathomimus can work too

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Ugh :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: ugh just reading that name make me sick.


I figured that would be your reaction :rofl:


Ya honestly I never had a problem with it until 1.10
Cause then I could use tryko, Rinex, magan, nemys, thyla ranchieus, spxs, vexus, diloran and dioraj

I run both Gemini and Ardentis, so I don’t worry too much. They’re also pretty rare in Aviary, so I don’t have to fight them often. It is pretty amazing though, high damage and a powerful Rampage that can’t be distracted or blocked

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Ya it’s almost like this happened


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Procerathomimus in a nutshell

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Basically everything that was buffed or introduced (except Monolorhino and the snakes) since 1.10

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Dilorach should be able to do well against it, since it can slow it and stun it. Eddie might do well too.
Grypolyth is another weird choice that might work.
Monostego can stun it and slow it too.

They should be able to take out at least a decent chunk of its health.
You’re right about Tenontorex hard-countering it.
Thor beats it 100% of the time too.

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I can shoot that down with two powers; long invincibility and immune to distraction.

Ya I’ve tried sadly his attack is too low

With that much attack and armor piercing strike the croc is dead :skull: :joy::rofl:

As for monostego look at dilorach for that answer

Ya Ik about tenato which is its best counter,

Thor completely depends on instant charge

If it uses Long Invincibility, Dilorach can stun it to wait out the shield. Same with Monostego. They don’t counter Quetzorion, but they can stall it while doing some damage.

I don’t face Quetzorion a lot, but the only time I did recently was when I happened to have Dsungaia on my team, so I swapped it in. If you can survive one hit with Dsungaia, you’re guaranteed to do a lot of damage, since you’ll be faster next turn, and if Orion Sidesteps, you can just spam slowing moves.

Edit: Carnotarkus should also do well against it. It’s counter will get rid of the shield, and it also has SS and Precise Rampage.

Yes, but it can easily take Quetzorion to below half health. Plus it can stun and pin Quetzo, meaning it can’t use Sidestep, and you can always swap out to something with low health, then come back in and Regen.

If Orion has already taken damage, it’s game over.