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Just need some help

The problem the is it’s stuck with having to swap and allowing Orion to become faster and hit hard against something else

And mono has potful attack and again it’s gonna be at full health and it will be back in at full swing next round and then by then guess what LI again

It doesn’t have to swap. You can just use SS, then it’s mind games whether Orion uses Sidestep or not.
And with Monostegotops, it’s not going to use LI again, because it has a 4-turn cooldown.

Doesn’t seem it wins I think it might be cause it can just you know LI and then null the attack buff and hit hard.

Tarkus is mind games cause then all Orion has to do is not hit it first turn

Not really if it goes for SS then stun right first turn then when it stuns it just lets Orion wear off the slow and kill it, it it goes for SS after it’s gonna have enough health to just SS
So like game press give it 50%-50%

As for mono again I think it just comes down to luck and mind games so not a true counter

None of these dinos are true counters. If you were looking for true counters you just needed to look at the Gamepress page. These are dinos that can obstruct a Quetzorion and make it easier to kill, or that can take one out if it isn’t at full health.

Orion’s true counters are Carbonemys, Brontolasmus, Diplodocus, Allosinosaurus, Ankyntrosaurus, Carbotoceratops, Gemini, Thor and Tenrex.

No, if it went for LI first, then it can’t one-shot Dilorach, so Dilorach can slow it again. From there it’s mind games.

That’s the best strategy against Tarkus, but Tarkus can use SS then Rampage, leaving Orion with only around 500 health at level 26, since it can’t one-shot Tarkus.
Tarkus can also go for Rampage, then Long Protection, then Rampage again.
Whatever move order you use, Tarkus either beats Orion or leaves it within one-shot range of something like Monostego, or even a counter-attack from one of your counter dinos like Tryko.

It’s a similar story with Grypolyth.

As for Dsungaia, if it goes for LI and nulls the attack buff, it’ll be slower, and it’ll have taken a lot of damage. Then Dsungaia can one-shot it.

You have to know how to outsmart orion really. Spyx could even do it with precise. If orion keeps going side step. You need to keep speeding up until the right moment. Something like tenrex can keep on slowing it, if it keeps side stepping. Keep on slowing until it’s dead. Nemys can take it in. Thor actually does a big number in orion. If stun lands it’s more than likely over for orion. Grypo can chip it down, tryko can chip it down. There orion probably had more boosts. I don’t have to mention gemini, maxima, procerat and ig2. Also orion can kill orion xD

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I used the bird to destroy the bird

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Actually, I think Dsungaia might always beat Quetzorion as long as it doesn’t crit.
That would be around 80% of the time.
Maybe it wasn’t included on the GP page because Quetzorion already had 100% counters from High Apex.

No cause that Sugina best matchups in tyrant so basically out of alll they rants it only beats those three more then 50% of the time

Also Orion one shot with a crit even then it just need to LI then rampage, Sidestep, Rampage can’t be beaten by Dsungina no matter which way you slice it

If Quetzorion uses LI then Rampage, then Dsungaia can one-shot it. If it uses Sidestep, it’ll just be slowed again.

Quetzorion(3750) uses LI.
Dsungaia(3240) uses Ferocious Strike.
Quetzorion (3750) uses NR.
Dsungaia(435) uses Thagomizer.
Quetzorion(375) uses Sidestep.
Dsungaia(435) uses SDS.
Dsungaia wins.

Quetzorion (3750) uses APS.
Dsungaia(1590) uses Ferocious Strike.
Quetzorion (375) uses Sidestep.
Dsungaia(1590) uses Thagomizer.
Dsungaia wins.

Quetzorion(3750) uses Sidestep.
Dsungaia(3240) uses Ferocious Strike.
Quetzorion(3082) uses NR.
Dsungaia(435) uses Thagomizer.
Dsungaia wins.

The only way Quetzorion can win is by using LI or Sidestep first, and then landing a crit on the Rampage.

Yes, that’s weird. Maybe they haven’t updated the matchups since Quetzorion became Tyrant?

Stuns work, slow it, bleed it.

Your Thylo should do good against it.

Lol no thylo just gets two shot LI, SS, rampage will kill me

It’s not that straightforward.

Quetzorion (3750) uses LI
Thyla(4500) uses LW
Quetzorion (2513) uses Sidestep
Thyla(4500) uses Superiority Strike

If Quetzorion uses Sidestep, you can just keep using SS to make sure it’s slowed, while taking out it’s health 330 at a time. If it doesn’t Sidestep and you use Rending Takedown, it’s game over.

Basically mind games. Anything with Superiority Strike and decent health can put Quetzorion in a tricky situation really, Edmontoguanodon, Stegodeus, etc can all do well.


Lol hmm ya that true

This is what I generally go with vs Orion in order of what I find most effective.
Tenrex is my go to.

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Lol can tell you tryko can win if it never uses sidestep or get a crit otherwise