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Just need some help

As for tenato I wish I had her she seems way better than Thor but sadly don’t have tenato at lvl

Yeah. LOL
Tryko is my “I don’t have any counters, so lets try and get some damage in.” guy. :slight_smile:


works well on occasion. usually the first dino up in the match with indo 2 for my opponent. i win those about 30-40% of the time. depends on rng and how the indo plays.

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You can still bleed it through LI. Sheesh. :roll_eyes:

Ya one turn by then it still kills thylo

Thor and Maxima make short work of her. Carnotarkus can also be a valuable ally (Superiority Strike, then Precise Rampage).

Also, anything that slows. Most users I come across spam the SS whenever they’re slowed down. I’ve won countless times against them just by spamming Superiority Strike. Of course it goes without saying that sometimes they actually cotton on to what you’re doing.

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Don’t mention tarkus since @Thylo_75 will just say they will use LI. :roll_eyes:

Zorion is so too op, needs nerf. sarcasm

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Lol tarkus has been suggested a lot and it could maybe (also LI is really just like so you got an attack how bout I block that)

That’s true well sorta I think Thor wins cause of instant charge but still

Tenato is also good but don’t have it unlocked same with maxima

Lol also no nerf to it’s kit , looking for counters, I’m also saying maybe immune to distraction is too that much

if you think they will go LI then go long protection. then go SS second with Rampage last. should kill it honestly.

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Huh your right but still wish there was more

with how boosts need to be allocated on Orion, health and/or damage will be lower than what carnotark can achieve as she does not need speed. a bulky carnoratkus will make quick work of orion with a decent chunk of hp left over.

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Oof you use the b word… boosts😂

oh right. forgot about that tidbit.
i’m thinking ardontosaurus may also do the trick for you. decel impact and definite strike combos.

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Ya to bad I was an idiot and always skipped out on Argentines dna in the early days, I deeply regret that

we all have that one dino (or multiple dinos) that we regret not darting when we had the chance.

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Lol for me that wue, argent, koolaid 2, and marsupial lion when it was everywhere

No, its not. Its meant to be a direct counter to IndoG2. It needs that passive.
You think any passive with an immunity like that is too much. :roll_eyes:

for the longest time i thought orion was also immune to stun. when i found out it wasn’t i was suprised and happy at the same time. Para stun lock!

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