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Just need some help

Lol well indo gen2 wasn’t there when it was introduced and Orion was strong, amazing but counterable more so than now anyway, so saying it’s meant to counter indo is not the case.

Pretty sure Orion first existed as a hard counter to erlidominus, it’s immunity to distraction does limit the number of counters to it by quite a bit.

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No it’s good but dends on the creature

Like give to Rex immune to distraction, of course not it be uncontrollable

Give indo full immune; broken

Give mammotherium immune to distraction and stun; super broken

Yet on others it’s not phora immune to swap prevention not broke,

Alloraptor immune to decl; again not broken

Thyla immune to stuns; not broken

Pre 1.12 nemys immune to stuns, not broken.

Snakes with immune to distraction; not broken

It depends on the creature

Exactly distractors like spxs, carno, tryko, tenato, and dilo could counter it very well but slap that baby with immune to distraction and then a lot of this former counter are snacks for Orion

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Doesn’t matter which came first, it still counters It.

Orion has its counters, at least its not fully immune.

And then the buff to SS for 100% dodge was also added so that also hindered some counters

But still does countering one creature makes worth a bunch of other kicking the bucket

… So you want a counter that one shots it?

Isn’t that what Orion is to erlidom? :joy:

Pft, haha haha!

The only way my orion has ever one shot a Erli Is if it crit.

Funnily enough spxs at an equal lvl or higher used to 1 shot an erlidom turn 1 with it’s rampage, then its damage was nerfed and erlidom got a hp buff to prevent that from happening.

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Lol ya ahhhh I remember those days lol it was basically a Mexican stand off

Lol Orion has that same crit rate as indo and erlidom so it’s not that far off plus before erlidom buff again in 1.9 it got one shot always

We’re not talking about 1.9 are we?
We’re talking about now.

In your logic, then pretty much anything can one shot Erli turn one on a crit.



Anything with a rampage

Dodge exists*

Well that’s assuming said creature is boosted enough to do so and that it can go through that 75% evasion rate cloak gives erlidom.

Orion is overpowered, how can’t you see that

Haven’t seen anyone claiming it’s overpowered, just that its immunity to distraction has reduced the number of creatures that can hold their own against it and lowered its potential counters.

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Precise rampage exists*
As does definite, precise pounce, and null.

Do any of those creatures have the speed or hp necessary to survive long enough to even get a rampage off?