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Just needed an alliance is looking for players

“Just needed an alliance” is looking for active players that want to help a good alliance get better. We dont have any L20 sancs but donate what we can, reach 8/7 or 7/7 weekly. I’m weeding out non actives and replacing with daily players and battlers

Hey, I’m interested in joining on my 4 dino alt account. Is there a space in this alliance? Also, because I only use 4 dinos, I can’t enter any tournaments, will that be a problem?

just barely missing 8/7 this week and if you do regular arena battles, dart and open DBI’s your help will get is there. We could use ur help. Game name?

Alduintwo (my main is Alduin, but that account already is in an alliance.

I’ve sent a join request, please add me.

As soon as I see it I will

I sent it a while back, you should be able to see it.

The account is named Alduintwo.

Are you still looking? I’m definitely in the market for a new alliance. A bunch of people randomly left mine so there’s not much activity.

Yes. I have 1 spot open. Sorry for the delayed response