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Just nerf everything

People are never going to be happy about this or that when it comes to creatures. It’s a game, Ludia’s game. If something gets nerfed there’ll be something else that takes it’s spot and then people will complain about that one as well It’s never going to stop. It can’t be just because a creature is “too OP”. That’s just an easy out. I feel that Thor is too OP and needs to not have all moves be defense shattering. Plus get rid of its vulnerability cleanse. This whole wanting creatures nerfed is getting out of hand. Maybe Ludia should just nerf everything so that way no one has any complaints. Oh but wait now my T-Rex is useless or my tenontorex is worthless or what’s the point of getting my just created Apex leveled up since you nerfed it? Point is just play the game as it is and adapt your team and playing style. It’s not those that are constantly wanting nerfs are affected but everyone is.


You are right about that

Without changes to certain creatures either Buffs or Nerfs the game would get boring and the only creatures usable would be 8 set creatures. The game would slowly lose interest and eventually die. If creatures are changed when they beat their roles there would be variety. Obviously not every creature needs a buff or a nerf and many have certain roles but the creatures that don’t fit their roles and kill everything do need nerfs.



They are just bad st the game

I agree to some extent but after an update were certain creatures have had drastic changes then a nerf might be need just to add a little more variety to a game and avoid a boost war

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But isn’t a boost war anyways?

By boost war mean were everyone is using the same dinosaur and so it doesn’t matter how skilled you are just the amount of boosts you have on a broken dinosaur kinda like the testa although that’s getting nerfed much sooner than most broken creatures even though it only needs a very slight nerf