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Just noticed a issue with tenontorex

So I was browsing all of tenontorexs dna makeup dinos when I noticed that most of his dna dinos have nullifying strike apart from T. rex gen 2 and tenontosaurus, also it seems that stun didn’t carry on through the dna chain from tenontosaurus to tenontorex :frowning: is it possible for either nullifying strike or stun to make it to tenontorex one day ludia or ?


Dean. :slight_smile:

Honestly, superiority strike is way better for it than null strike.


Stun sure even a swap in stun but no nullify it does not need it.


Loved this part.


glad you loved it, surely nullyfy would be carried over from dilophosaurus gen 2 tho.

Stun would be good but nullify, ehh


yeah i think i agree with scubasteve, swap in stun would be good then follow it up with distraction etc

Plus they did 0 compensation to Tenrex for the crit nerf. Considering how this dino took a lot of work it deserves more. I’ll never drop my tenrex though. The dailys made it somewhat easier now but I worked extremely hard before that was a thing. And tenonto rare is still very difficult. It deserves a buff.


Omg yes please, swap in stun for Tenontorex :joy:

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Before the nerf of Dodge, I levelled up my Tyrannolo up to L24 instead of fusing Tenontorex just because of its nullifying strike. Now Dodge is nerfed, SS is better than nullifying strike.

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well hopefully ludias reading all this :slight_smile:

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I used to think they really did listen and check here everyday. Lately there’s even more of a glaring void that makes me doubt things. Hope so too though.

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Hope springs eternal and you’ve just gotta love a trier !

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