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Just noticed something

As I’m sure most of you have seen by now, with this new variation of toothless, there are now enough to make an entire team… not sure why one would do that since currently to my knowledge you are not able to. Unless the developers are attempting to change this. What do you think?


You can have an entire team of toothless yes, one of each colour is now available and as of a few updates ago, you are able to use the same name dragon together in a team


You can’t have several copies of the same version of a dragon in 1 team, but you can have several versions of a dragon in 1 team. It’s all down to it being different or same version of the dragon.

Once upon a time the game wouldn’t allow for different versions of 1 dragon in a team. >> That was changed a long time ago though (after Dreadfall Toothy was first released to be precise)

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