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Just one more!

I know this is getting annoying but just can’t stop creating!

No offense, but it would be total chaos if a new member is added to the rat family

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What about this?

Now THAT is a monster

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Hehehehheheh. My greatest creation yet. Rise my precious

if you would like to do so, you can go to my topic called I’ll draw your hybrids where u can request a hybrid and I’ll do my best to draw it, I will probably draw this one and post it here and in the topic if its ok with you, oh and don’t stop creating if you love to do it

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I was thinking something more like this so It would be similar to dracoceratops.

Although to be honest I don’t want more unique sauropods.

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neither do I

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lol that’s funny

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I can do more crazy creations. Just type an idea, and it will pop up in about 5-10 minutes.

Cool how about a draco and yoshi hybrid

This will be crazy

HEHE I’ll be back. Which Draco?

I’m going to create a discussion for crazy hybrids

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There already is one called our custom creatures

Whoops too late

Send me a link, and I will post it on the page

Ok I will. Be right back

I’d like to see a sauropod with a ceratopsian frill.