Just one more

I am currently experiencing that rarest of feeling for me and my JWA game - excitement. I only need one more fuse to level up one of my A-team creatures. I will be out a little later combing (thankfully it’s pretty nice) that part of town where that last creature I need to dart may spawn. If I just find ONE I’ll have the DNA needed.

THIS is what I miss in the game. THIS is what ‘exclusives’ wreck - the excitement, the drive, the work needed to move forward. I remember, rain or shine, the hours spent combing through another part of town, between the hospital and the retail park, looking for stygi so I could get my ALux to 30. It’s paid off, and I’m feeling that buzz again.

Keep your exclusives. I want to get out, feel the air, and dart stuff! It’s apparent they can control spawns pretty tightly. No reason to have exclusives other than making $$. I say put everything on the map - just dial down the rates on stuff you want to keep monetized. People will still pay, use sancs, all that jazz. It will just give those of us who remember the days of nothing but hunting for DNA the chance to play the game we fell in love with.