Just one problem with No Escape

It makes life even harder for us poor souls that always lose stupid speedties on tourneys

The only way to deal with the ties is through tactical swaps, which is already disadvantage enough… But now every time I have a Sarcorixis on the field and the opponent sends his own I can only behold while he fills my dinoass with stuns and kills me, always acting first… And since everyone is using Sarco, this happens quite a lot.

Once again, awesome decision of leaving speedties as it is Ludia :unamused:


100% agree, thanks Ludia for leaving speedties as they are and thanks for adding no escape which now leaves to speedties :rage:.

I hate that speedties are so frequent, but I’m gonna get yelled at for what I say next.

Unpopular Opinion: the way speedties are now is better than if they are random. Sure I lose them 90% of the time, but at least I know I’ll be going last and prepare for it. And sometimes I want to go last, such as in the case when both parties use instant distraction. The way they are now, after you lose the first one, you know you will lose the rest, so you play knowing such a thing.

tl;dr There are probably better options out there, but first input speedties are better than absolutely random rng speedties. We have enough rng.

As for sarcorixis mirror matches, try to play an unconventional move order. You might end up losing anyways, but if you outpredict your opponent or play a really weird order that confuses them, you could win or at least leave them low enough to be set up on. No Escape probably could’ve been reworked somehow so that speedties weren’t as big an issue, but skill tournaments am I right?


I really must be missing something here.

If a player would rather lose speedties 90% of the time than have a 50/50 chance to win one, there’s really no hope for common sense to prevail.

And that’s 100% why I won’t be filling out any more player surveys again.


But no one is saying it should be random. Actually it is practically random the way it is now… Randomly picking the better connection…

There are tons of options that have been given through months in here… None of them perfect, but most better than how it is.


Ludia’s next survey:
-What’s your take on speedtie?

  • Status quo
  • Ludia is an esteeming company
  • We love ludia

Results: We will once again keep the speedtie mechanic as it is. This is according to the poll :raised_hands:



Just one more problem with the No Escape mechanic and speed. If both players swap at the same time. If the No Escape creature comes in first then the other swap is prevented. It should not be able to effect a swap “in progress” before it enters the battle @Ned maybe you can foreword these issues to the team


If a gator swaps in as a creature is trying to swap out. That is part of the strategy and the move imo.

Here I knew they would swap there indo so I put in Grypo.

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There is so many immunity creatures these days that this effects such a small percentage of creatures. It is a tactic in my opinion. At least it isn’t swapping in 4k damage.

It’s still playing the secret 5th move card just like a rat

Not really though. There isn’t much damage from crocs. Swapping in 4k damage is not close to locking a player down in the right moment.

If the croc is faster, can kill with one hit to win a 2-2 battle. Ya that is a rat move

If you want that to happen. Then perhaps they should buff croc attacks. So that they aren’t tools. Right now let’s look at grypos attack at lvl 26… A whole whopping 1k damage. Lol. Crocs need things like this to further a long there use. Because all the attacks are quite low. Only rixis has the ferocious. The rest suffer from low attack damage.

I have always used scoix on my team. Unboosted he is still an awesome beast even before the update

That’s the only one that has some attack on it. So perhaps remove it from that one. The rest suffer on dependence and low attack. All you need is an all maxxed boosted Thor. Which everyone has anyway lol.

of course buff their attacks then. Why on earth would my level 22 (unboosted) procra have an attack of 1275 and a level 26 grypos only have 1k

Well that makes 0 sense until we realize procerat is a mascot of boost sales. Not nerfing it in 1.12 drove more boost sales too. It gives a sense of safety. Make players say “ohhh they’re not nerfing proRat, I can finally max boost it” But it doesn’t make any sense.

But if there attacks were buffed they wouldn’t of ever needed no escape.

What about bleeding moves or counter attacks? Those always cause the main attack to be lower