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Just out of curiosity

Why does it “calculate” before collecting?

Ok… that sucks but doesn’t answer my question though :see_no_evil:

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The “my rank” never works for the tournaments. I’ve seen it say 3 different numbers for me across android and iOS so I never actually know where I stand and the list never refreshes. :confused:

I assume its waiting for any lag to ensure all valid battles are concluded; it will then cycle through all players allocating the correct (in most cases :rofl:) reward and finally communicate that back to the app.

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Would like an official explanation though. Never seen this before

As I recall there’s always been a delay between the tournament ending and the rewards being available - not sure if the wording has always been the same though. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for an official explanation :slight_smile:

its to make it look fancy… i would love to see it calculate 30k cash for me :drooling_face:

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True but I wanted to collect more than an hour afterwards, never had this “calculating” thing… and I never hold my breath… ’cause Ludia