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Just played a top 500

I just faced a top 500 in my rank. How does this happen.

The funny thing is I almost killed a 29 tryko with a 23 boosted Indy, would have too if I went for cloak when he went for invincibility, the only thing that saved him was his counter.

Ok now I see your point in the other thread…

Like I said there 15k players in library and up…

Realistically only about 5k Of those are gonna be online and battling during the same time… and with the tournament going on a good portion are battling for position…

So Ludia has to find this person the next viable person… which happened to be you.

Like I’ve been saying for like the last year Ludia has to get a larger % of the playerbase up the ladder… 260k people played a match last season so it’s not like they need to attract players… but some 60k of them are in sorna, ruins, and avairy.

When old players leave for whatever reason and look at all the top alliance recruiting threads to see it’s happening. You need to bring in new players up the ladder at a faster rate then what they are leaving to grow your end game playerbase…

If you don’t then someone with lvl 23 Dino’s becomes an end game player.

But as you saw in that thread people are all like no you guys have it to easy now cause back in my day…

Back in your day the games playerbase was growing… now it’s not and Ludia has to work with the playerbase they got.

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Oh, ok. I get it. It still could be better tho. I’m in 40,000th place, that’s a bit of stretch. That guy didn’t play strategically tho. I bet I could have beat him but WiFi got me.

The range for matchmaking is about 400 trophies. With the current “fair” system, you just need a bad streak to drop 300 trophies and be back where you were a week ago.


He said he was ranked 40k which puts him in avairy… that’s no where even close to within 400 trophies.

He could have dropped down… but I’m more likely to say Ludia widened match making during the tournament.

Wherever he’s at in avairy there are more players between him and library then there are players between library and the number 1 spot… and that’s the issue really…

Yeah, I have 4,500 trophies, at least had until I faced this guy, now at 4450.

Yeah, Library has gotten silly - running into level 30, boosted teams there are on a pretty regular basis now. I am guessing a lot are droppers honestly, trying to get their
incs quickly.

PvP is really no fun anymore. I am pretty much starting to feel that there is no point in playing PvP/Arena at all. I either wait and the game times out or I am matched with people 2 to 3 levels higher and more boosted. I dropped another 250 trophies today just to get my daily inc.


Dang, that stinks

It’s not droppers for the most part. My high last season was 5901, and even though I’ve leveled up and boosted a couple of my team dinos this month, I’m currently stuck bouncing around in the 5300-5500 range. Reset makes a huge mess of the arena when everyone from 5500-8000+ gets knocked back to the same score. It doesn’t even out for a couple weeks, at least. I don’t think the trophy change to win 30/lose 30 is helping, either.


No it doesn’t have to - because there are AI battles for such scenarios. On the contrary, Ludia has to allow even more AI matches instead of tossing players in pointless, unfair and time-wasting matches vs players you clearly should not meet. All PvP games have issues, but pretty much all I’ve ever played at least get the basics of matchmaking right. JWA fails most of the times, that’s why Arena is often so frustrating to play.


Basically its working as it should. There will be no fair. Just viable. There are all kinds of reasons for the matchmaking most importantly is Ludia wants conflict and anger instead of fun. Angry players make them money. Content players do not.

No matter what matchmaking is used, the same outcome will ensue only different people will be unhappy because Ludia.

All PvP games have issues of course. The issue is other players. Take PvP out of most games, and the games become fun. Humans spoil the fun for other humans.


Sure they could in the past they even did this at times when like the “pity ai” You could get paired up against ai without even knowing it.

But their pvp ai is terribly buggy beyond the swap till you loose strategy that the pity ai did? Does? Not positive they ever fixed it. To using the same Dino in a team… back during 1.5 I got one of these bots in avairy and didn’t even know it was a bot until I killed its dg2 and out trots another dg2 it also used two allosino. Point being more ai battles equals more exposures to this ai… and threads get made about people cheating cause their opponent used the same Dino twice.

That plus Ludia wants you fighting real player for boosts in your incubator.

Plus in the past when they have implemented that ai… there is no announcement … they don’t want to let on they need ai to make up for low pop. But it doesn’t take long for forum posts to be made about people fighting the ai when they shouldn’t be under normal match making.

Yes, it’s still terrible AI, no change there. Even when they try to make a challenging AI battle (e.g. the goats event, the last Halloween event) you can still cheese your way around it, or simply get lucky in one of your many tries.
The point is, however, Ludia offer “Fight AI” option freely once the timer for finding a real opponent expires. This is pretty much a guaranteed incubator most of the cases on any level, plus a more interesting fight overall (if it wasn’t for the terrible AI) since the AI at least often uses off-meta dinos. Yes, it’s bad, but nets you an incubator and the actual PvP is worse in this game. So instead of going out of their way to find an opponent waaaaay beyond any meaningful range, Ludia can simply let people fight AI or wait longer if they so insist to play real battles (I guess no one does).
This goes both ways by the way - I’m not having fun in the rare instances where lower ranked players face my Maxima and lose 3 dinos in a row. Not enjoyable for either party, but we are forced to carry on with the battle since there’s no surrender button either (most if not all other PvP games have that too).

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Never met this Pity AI. To me its a myth.

AI in general is easier to beat than a human and usually less annoying.

That’s cause the pity timer cut off is at 4.5k trophies and you wouldn’t even know you battled a bot unless you checked. Like if your opponents name doesn’t show up in the recently played… Unless the ai shows it’s buggy way.

Funny note one of the regular arguments I hear on hear about stopping droppers by locking them into arenas (not a fan of this idea myself) is what happens if someone goes on a lucky streak and gets in an arena they don’t belong in. But that already happens in the lower arenas. My alt account sits right at the bottom of sorna and bounces in and out all the time. It’s not a sorna team these days I probaly only have a 35-40 percent winrate against real people but that pity ai pushes that winrate close to 50.

I totally forgot about the pity AI.
When you are on a time crunch and unlucky it sure would come in handy. LOL
It shouldn’t give trophies, but if you’ve spent an hour in the arena and cant get a good draw you should at least get an incubator for your troubles.


Without question we should get ai if a player with a similar team isn’t available.

I 100% agree that players not Ludia ruin the pvp in this game. Whether by dropping or putting huge amounts of boosts on their team, it creates a toxic environment.

Thankfully there are various other aspects to the game now, which are way more enjoyable than pvp. And that’s a real shame.


Harder than it looks buddy. I’m just going to magically get 8 30’s. That’s gonna take like a year.

I disagree with who’s to blame on both those points. Droppers isn’t some new concept exclusive to this game. It was a big problem in clash royal for a long time… but they addressed the issue long before this game ever came out. Because that’s what a company that cares about their players experience does. When Ludia was heavily borrowing from clash royale for just about everything else arena side outside of the combat system they should have borrowed the fix.

And boosts? Players didn’t ask ever want to make your trex faster then a velociraptor? That’s How Ludia introduces boosts to us. Not look at these fun little tweaks you can do now. Nope they said wanna take a chomper and make it faster then anything else. And so the playerbase did exactly that but instead of trex they picked Thor.

You can’t give Ludia a pass for creating boosts yet blame players for using them. What sense does that make.

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It’s a valid point @arugono. By making players angry they are more likely to buy boosts to advance or even maintain their position in the ranks. Ludia is a gambling company after all, so I am sure they fully understand the psychology of why people keeping throwing bets on the table when they are constantly losing. Near wins are even better for that.

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