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Just played a top 500

The boosts were indeed added with the banner as you describe it. None of the players asked for the slowest dinos to become the fastest, and when tanks began overtaking the speedsters it was inevitable where the game would end up. So I concede that one to you, and even now in their fourth guise they are still as evil as ever. The worst part is the eagerness of the players to buy them up whenever they’re available.

The droppers could also be blamed on Ludia I guess, because it’s possible to do this, and in the upper arenas players have to wait so long for a match up. So I concede this too.

My apologies


You don’t need to apologize. Players aren’t blame free. But ultimately the only one who has the power to change things from this current environment is Ludia. Players are gonna take the path of least resistance more often then not… some don’t care about the competitiveness of pvp and just want easy incubators. It’s on Ludia to help create a better ladder. But they don’t bother and I think it’s cause a frustrated player is more likely to break down spend money.

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You’ve figured out Ludia. Spot on.

Even if some players are willing to abuse or exploit any gaming mechanic or PvP system there is, I’m more inclined to believe the flawed system is to blame in the first place. Balancing the game is difficult with so many options, values, RNG, commercial interests etc. involved (doesn’t mean Ludia gets a free pass for some terrible balancing choices they made). Improving the Arena experience, on the other hand, is super simple, mostly because of how bad it is right now. Basically comes down to:

  1. Allowing AI battles for people who don’t want to compete but still need the Arena exclusive DNA
  2. Limiting the range of possible opponents to reduce the number of absurd match-ups for the majority of players

It’s really not a big deal. Will it solve the issues of the current PvP system? Nope. Will it improve the Arena experience for most players? Yeah. Of course, competitive players + whales in the top 100 won’t be happy, so we are stuck with this PvP until Ludia finds another way of making money. I guess it’s a common issue with pay2win games which also pretend to be competitive in some way. Imagine if you could pay to have 3x damage in Call of Duty or build 2x faster in StarCraft…

I think the problem with giving AI to everyone easily is the boost farming issue. The excuse used to mess up Nublar Shores.

Narrowing the range of possible opponents is meaningless if everyone in the top 2000 is within 100 trophies of each other every reset. You cannot even pull away easily without kicking everyone else down.

Ludia has to fix how it resets, how they reward and the win/loss trophy allocation. I have said before: make it 40/30 so you pull away from the pack if you have winning streaks. Also reset in tiers.

Yeah, I agree that resets every month mess things up even more; It makes sense to have a “season reset” when there is a boost reset or major balance patch (or both), because then players may change their team significantly and have meaningfully better or worse results. Season resets in a stale meta when players have defined teams with little to no chance of changing them due to how boosts work… that doesn’t make much sense.
Why is boost farming an issue? Ludia placed boosts in incubators and they are available to everyone; How you obtain incubators is irrelevant, since you get the same incubators whether you play vs AI or not, whether you are in top 100 or not. What you do AFTER you obtain incubators matters to Ludia, as you can unlock them right away using HC you paid for (which earns them money), watch ads to speed up the unlock (which earns them money) or just wait for a few hours and unlock them anyway. Forcing PvP instead of PvAI when the rewards are absolutely the same is unnecessary, but it pretty much creates the dropper problem, which in turn further exposes the flaws of the current PvP system.
Let people farm whatever they want, put both pay2win options on the table. I’m more than willing to support that if it means having to PvP whenever I want and not whenever I simply have to

Resets mainly allow both the top players and the chasing pack to have a chance to battle each other. The top players dun run too far off and get bored, the chasing pack can see how much they have caught up. The problem is the resets are too aggressive. 1 size fits all doesnt work. You need to tier it so less imbalance due to Ludia’s matchmaking occurs by “accident”. Letting the top players stay 1000s of trophies ahead without resets is unfair for the rest since they start new seasons already maxxed in rewards.

There is too much routine play to change the seasons too much without boring the top and discouraging the chasing pack.

Boost farming was a problem in 1.10 because some “fine” player ground 1k boosts in a day and some other players got unhappy. This was when boosts were quite hard to get so even if you wanted to buy you couldn’t. IDGT suggested at that point to cap boosts farmed per day rather than increase the timer to 2 minutes and had to quit to get Ludia’s attention.

They could just not award boosts in ai incubators if you pick the ai before the timer runs out…so atleast you have a choice to deal with match making or take an incubator without a few boosts in it.

A cap would work to but apparently Ludia aren’t interested in that.


Yay, my forum has turned into one that ludia might listen too. Let’s go. Ludia should listen to this. This is a problem. I mean if there player size is shrinking not many people join unless they like Dino’s cuz most people think it’s too hard and leave. They have to please the players they have cuz if they can’t please us they can’t please newcomers who will have the same problem.

“Might” is a key word here :wink: Sometimes Ludia listen, yeah - like that zone rotation people have been asking for months… With the latest update we have 3x boost strikes each week too, instead of 1 per week. Boost sales are only in the weekend which doesn’t really matter much…
For the Arena though, changes can’t come soon enough. This is by far the worst aspect of an otherwise decent game and I hope a fix or workaround comes at some point, aimed at people who just want fair fun matches.