Just played same play twice in a row? is this a sign?

I just played someone’s spinoyx with 138 speed twice. You might think that I’m wrong and it could be anyone, but i played 3 battles and in my recently battled list, it only showed two people. I’m in aviary, like 4637 trophy average, but aviary is usually packed. This could be a random coincidence, but this could be that people are leaving.

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My guess is, you either happened to face the same person twice or you faced a bot with a similar spix set with that speed. Unless you can somehow confirm that the 2 spix u faced have the same attack and hp(which is difficult since you can’t view creatures stats unless in raid or pvp, THANKS LUDIA), my vote is on bot, but it isn’t impossible to face the same person 2x, beavs did it today with his latest vid lol, poor Cal


I’ve battled the same person twice. In the first I won and in the second I lost. It is really possible but very difficult.

It has happened to me a couple of times, if you battle almost immediately after the previous one, the rng may get you the same player again. As I noticed the player name is the same for 2 consecutive battles.

It happens to me almost on a daily basis in Lockwood Library.

It was happening to me very often, but now, it’s less common, but yep, it does happen. Nobody get the same 4 dino though (that would be an extremely rare case if it does), so it’s almost like a new game anyway. I don’t even watch for it anymore… Wish they would put the name of the player and level of the player like they did for a very little while, before the start of the game. It does make it easier to spot.

it was the same player cuz i played 3 matches and only had two recently battled list.

Maby it was me… :star_struck: ?

i wish, your team looks so cool but sadlyit has 138 speed and a spyx

but it could have been a bot too, did they have other similar creatures other than spyx?

Okay. Cool :pray:

i forget but i did request them and hes onmy friends list so he isnt a bot. apparently this happens sometimes but i thought it could be due to playerbase going down which in aviary is usually packed

Yeah it happens… in most arenas it’s just less frequent in avairy because it’s the biggest arena pop wise. But even in avairy it’s happened to me.

I don’t think it’s so much as the population has really gone down more like the population has been low enough for this to happen.

@real_gambler we will most likely never see that feature again. It was removed due to people forcing time outs based on unfavorable match ups. Apply this to say shores and you have everyone forcing time outs or closing the app every time they get matched with a top player. Timeouts could allow one to climb by only playing favorable matches. App closes would cause an out cry from the top players. They could fix time outs… but app closes will always be an issue.

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That’s not what I am saying, you faced 3 people you say, you saw the 2 people on your recently battled list, but that 3rd person either could have been a bot with a same speed spyx or the same player. I just think its a bot since I’ve only heard its 1 spyx with a same speed, if something else was provided like you saw more than one similar dino(like u saw a similar thor or metrodon with the exact same stats) and their name was on 2 of the battle things then maybe I’d think its the same player. I do think its possible to face the same person twice but with only knowing there are 2 peope on our battled list and that thay had a spyx with the same speed, I’m leaning towards bot, just my opion

It’s not possible to face a bot in avairy… not under normal conditions. Ie pity ai… unless it’s a play the ai button.

Unless Ludia has turned the AI on to replace a loss of players which they have done in the past. But since Ludia has added boosts to incubators they haven’t done so.

It’s far more likely it was the same player twice… because Ludia turning the match making ai back on for Avairy is essentially them admitting the game is in crisis mode playerbase wise.

I mean, I did not know that. I think I’ve played bots every time I’ve had a really bad losing streak. They only go for strikes, if they can they’ll “always go for the kill”, and for some reason when I’m one kill away from a win they swap between their last 2 creatures again and again and again. Whenever that happens, I just think its a bot, just noticed it a lot after a bad losing streak in the aviary or lockwood estate

That’s the pity ai… it only goes up to like 4500… triggers after losing 2 matches in a row.

That swap in is a bug that triggers when the ai has lost 2 of its Dino’s… which Ludia stated they fixed like a year ago in patch notes forget what patch.

I’ve faced the same players twice in a row on multiple occasions now. One of which was cool as we swapped wins. The others I got thrashed.

Off topic I’m sorry…Had to check out that video because the only Cal I know is the leader of our alliance. Turns out it was him and he couldn’t wait to relive those defeats :laughing:.


oh yeah, he can now watch himself get beat up 2x by beavs again and again and again and again and again and again… and again

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