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Just ran into my first Double Rat, Cera, Nitro Thor team

Absolutely disgusting. The cera did 2000 alone upon swap in, then another 2000 with its priority move to finish off my creature, I didn’t have a chance to attack!

Looked at their whole team and they had BOTH rhinos at lvl 30!
How toxic is that!?!?

If this is the future of PVP, then I’m folding my hand and calling it quits on pvp right now. I refuse to play in such a toxic manner.

Way too many SIA and too few counters.

This is lower library BTW, thanks for the reset Ludia :roll_eyes:


We really need more creatures with moves that protect from swap ins or just straight up creatures with No escape.

Too many creatures have resistance to swap out. So no escape isnt that useful.

Also, is you icon Bellona?

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This is the future of PvP. Ludia has already ensured it will happen by sapping the total trophies in arena month over month. The player had a bad run of games due to being dependent on SIA and fell within the range to be matched with you.

Ceramagnus suffers from being a shiny new toy in a big bad arena so people boost it to max and then have it broken by actual properly boosted creatures that by right shouldn’t beat it. Like Erlikospyx. I actually find it funny players actually run SIA teams and then are shocked they fall like flies when actual monster teams appear.

SIA is honestly just a symptom of Ludia’s broken arena. It goes beyond matchmaking and SIA. It goes to why such matches keep happening and why they happen more and more. Ludia is forcing PvP to work when it isn’t. I rather they just make arena pure AI while the fix the whole mechanics of arena. This will not work beyond 2021.


No Escape is one thing. On Escape is another.

We were talking about No Escape.

We do need more viable on escape creatures though. Most of the current ones SUCK.

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99% of why I quit :man_shrugging:

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What was the other 1%???

Why not add on entry moves that go first , before swap in moves

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Agreed. Even No Escape is a bit tetchy since the only viable unique with it is Grypolyth.

I called this ages ago, and now we are seeing it.

It’s a crazy situation with teams running 4 or even 5 swap in beasts, and it’s really is time Ludia did something to remedy the toxicity of the pvp arena.

Should they only allow 2 swap in to choose from?
Maybe insist the 8 we choose from are a mix of fierce, cunning, wild card, resilient but no more than 2 of any denomination?

I don’t know if that’s a worthwhile idea or not, but what I do know is that it will only get worse as more players unlock and level up Cera to add it to their Monolorhino and Dracoceratops.

When you look at so many of the useless uniques out there, surely it’s time to add some balance to the game by giving us a reasonable option to counter this nonsense.

How about a resistance like ‘opponent can’t use a swap in’ for some of the weaker dinos?


I don’t think we will see any change in this very bad meta simply because how fast so many teams have totally switched many dinos. Normally, I would expect those SIA teams to be barely boosted but somehow everybody his suddenly switching their whole team, while fully boosting them as well. I suspect there’s a lot of money going to Ludia to buy boosts for this to happen that fast, so if money is pouring in, Ludia will definitively do nothing.

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This is why I recently quit arena, save for a few times when I’m bored.

Swap in damage was always going to be a terrible idea. It was always going to upset balance, because it completely ignores speed, which is a vital part of the game balance (that’s already tarnished by boosts as it is).


On escape moves could be added and the ultra priority of the swap in moves could be reviewed. That would alleviate the issues.

On Escape is a family move. Much like No Escape is a family move.

Thinking that 1 more family of creatures should pick up On Escape type moves. The Dilopho and Monolopho families perhaps. That of course makes Monolorhino very different to play against.

I’ve been saying this for months, as have many others… I am using Cera, Rat and MRhino and I’ve won matches with all three selected, it’s ridiculous… Cera has the Epic Rhino’s damage with 20% crit! We’ll soon be seeing piercing swap ins dealing almost 3.5k damage with a crit… And we know many crits will happen… My Cera crits more than my Erlido and my Maxima combined.

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With the current piece of crap tournament I was just thinking how a cunning No Escape should be a thing… If this stupid pig can pin resilients with no chance of countering, why not a cunning do the same to it…


Yeah, I refuse to resort to using them.
This game is so draining anymore.

I think the situation in pvp are boosts, and one solution could be, including boosts and level restrictions by battle arena, like in raids, of this way we never have to battle versus dinos level 30 full boosts in battle arenas like Library, Aviary, or lower battle arenas.

They need to buff Spinocon to having an onescape rampage and stun resist. Maybe few buffs on others that suck. Then force players to think twice about keep swapping.