Just reached 2920 trophies with my team so fun to play with 😁


Solid team!:+1:

Thanks. Appreciate it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I feel like you just posted your team asking for advice on how it looked. I’m surprised you left dilorach as it’s not really an arena dinosaur, rather more raid based, but to each their own, I suppose. I guess Erliko or Scorpius wasn’t working too well? Anyways, congrats on the progress. I’d still recommend updating your team when possible; taking off Bary and Dilorach or just leaving them.

Yeah, I saw your other post. Those E Compys you have should be on your team, without a doubt. They’re better than most Legendaries and some uniques. The E Rhino is super good too.

I’m in sorna marshes right now and when I first got in that arena, I saw a few boosted level 22 uniques. You might want to level up your team before you get into Sorna.

I’m thinking of removing dilorach but currently it’s best cunning I got if i can get my compies to lvl15 I’ll remove I for sure :100:

The rhino is good but too many dinos in lockdown with Armour piercing abilities especially indominus Gen 1 and 2 sometimes

Yep I need to see what to make strong I might swap scorpious for the diloarch

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Yes, I would do that also try to get Scorpios gen 3 because Gen 3 has better immunities and moves.

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Scorpios gen 2 is a pretty good swap in already and at level 20 unboosted has 932 attack.

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Congratulations :tada::tada::clap:

Yes and that stun is super useful

Thanks a lot :grinning:

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I’m only maybe two or three fuses away from gen 3

Because of darting tomorrow I might only need 30.

Cool that’s awesome :ok_hand:

Oh yeah lucky you :joy:

I ran out of gorgo a while ago and I don’t see it that often. :frowning:

I’m hoping I can get really close tommorow.