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Just reached Jurassic ruins!

I won so many battles in a row! I was sooo lucky!! It tool me like 20 minutes from 3166 trophies! And one of the fetured creatures is dracorex!!! I need that to make utarinex!

If it took just 20 mins from 3166 to reach Ruins, get ready to fall back. You are on a verge to get your losing streak start. Not that I am discouraging, but speaking through my own experiences. Welcome to RNG Park!!

Yeah best strategy for you now is to minimize rng as much as possible for a bit. Cause if you ride an rng wave up… youll ride it back down… not a ton you can do as this is how rng works in this game.

I finally got into the ruins last week and immediately got knocked back into the swamp. Right now I’m floating back and forth between them but still spend most of the time in the marshlands.

Please remember the time you have winning streaks when you meet your losing streak, it will make you feel better.