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Just read that green death is supposed to be

That he is supposed to be unlocked when Meade Hall is upped to Level 5 :eyes: :flushed: :astonished: not like automatically right? I’m sorry but say what? Bc that’s so far from being so over here! So much :dizzy_face: lately on game…so whilst here I’ll also ask again please and thank you about Toothless ’ Speedy Costume what gives y’all?!? It works on short trips but not on 10-15 hour trips his speed remains the same?!? And the Item$Rune Costume is there a particular trick to it? Bc I have better luck with out it in getting said things? Please a little advice?


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Before you can get the Green Death, you’ll have to complete certain missions, and then the Collection. As for the costumes, it’s hard to really judge the effectiveness of the costumes that increase the odds of getting something from searches. The Alpha costume becomes useless after a certain level, which is why I never use it anymore.


Oh…ok then…I was about to say What?!? It took My foreverrrrr to complete the collection lol …My Toothless is only a 57 but it’s only the 10+ hour trips there no time difference(ie 9½hours instead of what have you) Thanks again Nathaniel appreciate the good look…

What are the ★Valka’s training #'s★ again? 51& ?

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Levels 51, 90, & 134.

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