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Just remembered something

I just remembered that this game is free and no one is forcing me to play it and it spend money on it unless I choose to.

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Yeah… and ?

That’s a hard thing to remember. Also I can’t ever seem to remember that there is an option to delete. My memory is improving daily though.

Kazoo, does there need to be more? Am I not allowed to share something I remembered? Does it have to connect to something greater?

Also, should it actually be meant to connect to something greater or suggest something than it is actually saying, I would hope those it was directed towards would be smart enough to figure it out

Well… I’m not very smart, so for the rest of us idiots, if there is something more, then I’d appreciate it if you’d come down to my level and let me know.

I just didn’t see a point to the original post if there was nothing more to it. Perhaps further indication of my low IQ. I’m sure you’ll let me know if that’s the case.