Just returned, and I'm stunned

Heya, so I know I used to post a bit here. But at the time, Ludia was pushing to remove Dino Bucks from the trade harbor, and overwhelming me a bit with the tournaments. Which sadly lead to me taking a break from the game. (Been trying Honkai Impact 3rd and Fire Emblem Heroes since.).

But after watching one of GamingBeaver’s latest videos on the new terror bird hybrid, I ended up finding myself returning. And my word: I am shocked what Ludia has done since then.

- Re-balance Cenozoic
So, this was one I was a little sad but mostly pleasantly surprised to discover that almost all cenozoic animals have been changed about. And as a result, I now have tournament worthy creatures that used to be rare or super rare. Although I am sad that Mammoth is no longer the beast I remember using, though I do think Smilodon being a tournament creature makes sense, giving it’s one of the icons of the Ice Age.

- Dino bucks back in custome trade
This is one I was surprised was back in the game, given the amount of backlash I remember upon the sneaky removal of it when I left. Although when I tried trading a legendary dinosaur, it would always be 50 dino bucks. So while I am sad it’s been nerfed, I am still glad Ludia has add back in.

- Jurassic and Aquatic hybrids?! (With Cenozoic joining the mix)

To quote Ian Malcome “You did it, you crazy people, you did it!” (rough quotation, got flag by moderators for trying to use symbols to censor the swearing.) I seriously never expected them to have ever considered having this as a thing. But, I am interested to see where it goes from here.

I also know they’re had Gen 2 creatures added, but I don’t know enough about that and have none. So I can’t really leave my opinion on them.
But regardless, I just want to say how shock and stunned I am as a returning player. And in a way, I am glad to be back.


Glad to have you back :grinning:

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Thx, got a bit of catching up to do with the new hybrids though.

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Welcome back!

We still seem to have weekly tournaments though.

Trade harbor has been good to many of us here in terms of trades for dino bucks. I know I have more dino bucks coming in now than before.


That’s good to hear, I know we’re never gonna have the glory days of Dino Bucks raining down on us. But it’s nice to hear that there still some way to get Dino Bucks by playing the game normally.

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