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Just seens metahubs apk


Ludia please dont do paramoloch and turo as the special event dinos next week! Give us a 4th epic like erliko so we get 12 attempts orrrr give us utarinex and utahsino as they are the hybrids of sino and dracorex…

Please ludia please. Its bad enough we get low chances in battle incubators for useful stuff.

Thoughts anyone

They have time to change things


Wait, what? We are getting a Legendary and a Unique as SE dinos next week? Is this legit?


Its APK so they have done a datamine and it seems to be in the coding. So paramolock and turo (like i-rex and indo was in halloween event) seems to be next weeks event.


I love it!!!


I do too, actually. Hope it happens.


Love me some tuoramoloch


Yeah im not complaining about para and touro one bit… free dna is free dna…


Complaining about a chance to dart Legendaries and Uniques :joy:


i datamined a little more and good news… the OP is going to be restricted to darting only stygimoloch gen 2 the whole week to make them happy :+1:


Im just getting nothing i need these days in any of my incubators and event weeks lol

The struggle is real ha plus i never unlocked turo because ill never need or use him. I just thought id ask and see what others want and every1 wants turo ha


Those are voted by all the players. You can’t just change them.

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Utarinex is cuter come on i want a recount :smiley:

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If the APK Teardown proves to be accurate then I’d be more than pleased. Stygi-line dinos for event? That’s GREAT news


Do you use them? Every turo ive faced ive downed very quickly even after ive been hit 3 times of it


Doesn’t sound like you’re going up against very leveled Tuoras. Any Tuora at level 27 or beyond starts to get pretty good. I think Ludia could justify giving it a bit more of its damage back, but overall it has a solid kit with great speed to go with it


I hate to say this, but Ludia never showed us the vote results. They say whatever they want. Tbh, I highly doubt Utarinex is undervoted. Both Sino and Draco are on the list and people would not vote for Utarinex? Maybe Ludia just doesn’t want everyone gets it now.


How does it do against a level 26 urtarinex, spino or setgodeous? It seems like it has a basic kit and against dinos its own level and rareness it seems to fail quite easily unless against lower level dinos. I haven’t got him so cannot say for definite from exp but he isn’t on my hit list. As mentioned I dont feel users would of voted for him more so. But i won’t miss the chance to dart them.


I mean, I personally voted for all 3 Stygimoloch, Paramoloch & Tuoramoloch


I wish Ludia could buff tuora instead of making people feel it’s an unworthy unique dino to go for.

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Well if they did everyone would spam incubators and you would of had stegodeous 2.0 from before the last update