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Just silly now

All the tier 7 DC’s and today I ran into a 7/7/8 procerathomimus.

So shortsighted and ridiculous. I laugh since it’s so stupid to me. Total waste of boosts, plus how bad do you have to be to sink all your effort into making one dino so OP you can’t lose when you have it?


Actually we’ve reached a point that you can spread them out and still have a Dino or even 2 at that tier. I have about 12 Dinos boosted (most of them tier 7) and I haven’t even bought everything available.

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I’ve asked before and still have yet to hear why there was a need to buff an already op epic in Yoshi.

The example above is far from the worst, I’ve played against Yoshi with 2600 basic damage, which is simply ridiculous. Couple that with almost 6000 health and you can see why people get so mad at this game.

Not one person has seen any good reason for this, but then I guess no one could justify the rat being so op in previous metas. Does that then mean we should just accept that there will be annoying, frustrating and downright crazy decisions made by the devs in every meta?

If we are to continue enjoying the game I guess we do as it seems impossible for them not to do this. Yoshi is without a doubt equally as annoying as the rat was in 1.7 and 1.8. Us making a noise about it won’t make any difference at all.


The one I saw had 172 speed. Lol

I believe you are referring to the new meta. Instead of having a species, such a raptor meta or Tank meta, we now have a creature meta.

There will be one OP creature that is worthy of pumping maxxed boosts into. Users will pump said boosts into such a creature! Then, users will need to also pump maxxed boosts into a counter, or two if they can, to counter the new threat…. Speaking of boosts… Isn’t there a sale on today???

Next release, they might add a new counter to the old threat, which of course will need maxxed boosts to actually counter it. Then they will also ‘tweak’ or add a new threat, which again will need maxxed boosts to be super annoying. This will cause the need for maxxed boosts into the counters again.

Why, yes! There is a boost sale today!

You are going to have to max boost the counter to Procerathomimus now. Until it gets a well deserved nerf. But no worries! There will be a new must have OP creature that will attract Maxxed boosts again. And… Another counter for said creature which will also require….


I think Woodchuck has pretty much summed it all up.


When I encounter something crazy like this I just accept my loss. Hoping for a better next match.
It’s crazy how much some people invest in some dinos, the other day I faced a lvl27 Erlidominus that critted me 12k and also managed to one-shot my dilo without a crit. It had over 2400 base dmg. I’m sure it’s not even the worst that you guys see out there.

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My Erl has almost 2500 base dmg, cloaked crit is about 13k. That’s not even uncommon