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Just slept for 35hrs straight

So boys girls and others, I just woke up from a massive sleep after I spent the entire weekend battling for my great alliance

I did 6977 battles…was hard work but felt that I needed to do my best for my alliance to not let the side down

It was totally worth it to, I entered the tournament at 840 and ended on Monday a dribbling mess on 947.

That’s actual winning right there.


I’m confused. You spent hours doing thousands of battles for a gain of 100 trophies? Is this a brag or complaint? I feel like I’m being trolled here.

This has to be joke yes?

How can anyone do 97 battles an hour for 72 hours solid?

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Good point! I was wondering if I was going crazy. Most stories have some sort of point. Also, to only gain 100 trophies, that implies a lot of losing.
Then again, with Ludia’s new trophy system, he could have won twice as many battles as he lost and still broke even. Impressive work OP!

I lost my first five ( x40 each ) and it took me the whole weekend to get back above my highest.

My first win I got 20.

Well this just proves my point which I made on another thread. You would be way better to start a couple of hours before the tournament ends as pretty much everyone will have slightly more trophies than you by then.

You would then likely win the first 3 battles at +40 on each and be up on your marathon total for this weekend in less than five minutes.


All I have to say is yes. Just yes. Dedication gone… good for you I guess? but damn why post about that lol

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Perhaps you should look into getting some hobbies

How do you spend hours doing battles??? Do you have a life other than JW alive? I know it is pretty important to your alliance and you, but wow, that is a whole lot of time to just be looking at a screen and battling. I mean, whatever works for you but…

This is satire y’all

He was very convincing… I do agree with the fact that the trophy system is kinda broken