Just some questions that I think needs to be answered

For those that say they have missed out on dna collection for days or spent 250hc rerolling due to “not wanting to wait for a velociraptor to show up” (litterally the most common global common) or "dart 2 common flock because it’s not in their home zone, are you serious? How is this a bug or a real complaint?

This game is based on gps, literally made for walking/traveling to play. If you reroll for hc because you can’t/don’t want to leave your house that does not make the mission impossible to do, this is getting ridiculous!

Before someone comes at me that they can’t leave their house because of xyz, you should already understand that you won’t have access to all aspects of a gps based game before you even started to play. They absolutely should not change their game for people that knew from the beginning, or even 5 seconds into playing, that they would stay in one place most if not all the time knowing the point of the game is to move. Same with the “I work all day I can’t do everything in the time they give so they should give me free stuff” people, your day isn’t everyone elses. Everyone has to alter their game play to the timeframes. For example its 3PM in my time zone but its 3AM in some of my alliance members timezone. You have 24hours like everyone else and I can promise that your reset time isn’t as bad as someone else’s. If I can’t get my drops maxed because I can’t travel to get them all, that is my issue not the game’s. Same with these missions, if it requires something I can’t personally do (like travel around looking for a flock) I reroll and pay the HC because again it’s my personal choice or situation that prevents me from completing it. It’s absolutely not because it’s impossibe to do.

So everyone sending a support email for things like this is flooding support with something you are choosing not to do which isn’t their problem. Making real mission issues, like moves not existing or not registering, take longer to be addressed (which I personally have received 9 times now and had to reroll everytime!). Then, after flooding support with nonsense you come here and bully the employees who have zero control over fixing things. The sense of entitlement here is absolutely mind-blowing, the selfishness is unreal, are you like this in real life or just on the internet?

I say all this in the most respectful way possible but man after years of watching this cycle (most of the time it’s the same people over and over) do this, I’m surprised support even answers here anymore.


As much as I hate this specific missions, I have to agree with you on this one. Let’s not forget these kind of games were intended to promote physical activity (walking, that is). :eyes:


Personally will take the loss if reroll for things i dont feel like doing. Darting flocks and what not. But does it have to be so expensive? Hit the primal ckeansing strike mission, reroll. Emergency heal mission, reroll for 10. Not bad so far can get that back wirh support. Win a pvp battle with a team of flock creatures? Doable but massivly annoying, reroll for 50. all the way up till it costs you 250 to reroll.

It gets expensive quickly and you really only get 4 rerolls per day. More rerolls at a cheaper price would be appreciated


I don’t particularly care for the new mission setup either. Sometimes it’s fun to accomplish a new goal but I agree some are over the top.


I 100% agree that it gets expensive, I think it was done on purpose to deter rerolling so people will complete the missions which isn’t necessarily great. It wouldn’t be as much of an issue if all the missions were actually obtainable. The fact that there are so many that are impossible makes paying to reroll ridiculous for sure.


I havnt had to reroll at all. I’m now done the pass. Scents can get you the Dino’s required. Campaign can be used for stupid ones like use a velociraptor to defeat 3 flocks. Use discord to ask alliance members for specific requests. All are doable. Some not easy peasy, yet doable none the less.


All are not doable. That’s the only real issue I have with them. If you follow this thread, you’ll see there are two that are impossible:

  • Use primal cleansing strike - Para Lux used to have this move but does no longer
  • Use lesser emergency heal 3 times - bugged and doesn’t not count toward total (will always be 0/3)

Why they don’t just remove these two for the time being is beyond me. Simplest fix in the world.


I use to be somewhere where I could play on the go but currently I live somewhere where it isn’t even possible to launch the game if you are not on WiFi. It makes hunting for specific creatures impossible. Even if you use scents, if you are not in the right zone there is nothing you can do. Even in the right zone, there is no guarantee you will have the luck to spawn what you need. I burnt 2 rare scents and a giga scent to get a flock to spawn not even an epic, just a rare as I am currently in area 4. I haven’t complained specifically on these missions but overall I feel that missions that rely on luck, other players sending you emotes or other nonsense aren’t going in the right direction. You should be able to complete your daily missions in 24 hours without relying on anything else than normal gameplay. I forgot about the other nonsensical friendly battle mission as if the invites were working, it takes me around 15 minutes to get one going, and that is between my accounts not with some randos online…


Everyone acknowledges that there are multiple missions that are impossible to complete. If you can’t or don’t want to complete a mission there is zero problem with rerolling. Even rerolling to try to get something easier and/or faster to do is not a problem, there is just a price that comes with that choice. The issue is constantly complaining, sending support tickets, and demanding free compensation for missions that in general are obtainable even if they aren’t specifically for you because of a personal issue or choice. I’m sorry your situation has changed making it harder for you to play, that really is unfortunate. I’ve also had lengths of time that I wasnt able to play like I wanted to, but again it’s not the game’s owner or developers fault.


Not anymore! Seeing as all of the best creatures are just made of event exclusives


Sorry MackD, that’s just not true. Some require moves that no longer exist in the game.


That was always the case with many of the best dinos.
Irritator for magnapyritor for example.

Just because you can’t find “the best dinos” out there doesn’t mean you should play the game on the sofa 24/7. You still have event creatures every week, at least 5 days of the week there’s interesting stuff to dart. Unless you have 15 spots in range and a lot of luck you really gotta go out.

People just complain because they are lazy. I’ve seen people reroll the easiest missions. I just don’t get it. Patience doesn’t seem to exist anymore, people go for instant gratification.


Ik I’m just saying that it’s less encouraging. Besides I play every time I’m in the car so I can do raids, get supply drops, dart, and do strikes


I think the main reason why players are complaining soooo much these days, is the fact that if something advantage the players, it takes less than 30 minutes to fix it (quite often way less than that). But something as simple as removing impossible missions take forever. This type of things should ALSO be fixed within an hour. We know they can do quick fix after all if they want to!


The op makes some excellent points and I wholeheartedly agree with the principle of the game being designed to get out and explore. Why would anyone have a game based on this concept and expect to do as well as others if they aren’t going to get out and walk?

Sadly the game has developed various new game breaking creatures that no longer require players to get out, since they are exclusive and available for sale day after day. But to switch daily tasks because you don’t want to go out and hunt dna - shame on you!

I mean some specific missions such as dart x epic creature can be hard since it relies on rng and even when going in the right zone you might not spawn the epic you want.
Also there’s a bunch of missions that are use moves that aren’t on any creature or only on one and win by using that specific move.


Not all missions are as easily accomplished as originally stated. Some of the missions you will re-roll. Case in point, specific maneuvers. I couldn’t tell you what creatures even have them! Re-roll! What exactly is a friendly strike event(not friendly battle or raid boss, I’ve had those and done them)Never heard of it, but it was the mission. Re-roll! Some moves I have never seen or heard of before. You get the picture.