Just some thoughts (A MUST READ...maybe? Prolly not.)


Hello. Even though this game takes little to no skill and not too much knowledge…I will still announce that I am a top player and that totally means something… right? Wrong… it means nothing… but regardless…

I just wanted to let this forum know that:

  1. The balance of this game is currently fine. As with all games… balance is always a work in progress, with every patch potentially changing the meta. This current meta is a result of the complaints of raptor meta… (This game is very limited in what it can do in terms of arena mechanics)

  2. RNG isn’t out to get you. RNG impacts just about every game and the players within the game. A 10% stun hits you and you lose… that sucks. But isn’t it great when it helps you win the match? It works both ways despite you pretending it doesn’t.

  3. People on top of the leaderboards aren’t bots… they just spent $1,000-3000 on the game and were actually able to use all the DNA they accumulated.

  4. Metahubs tierlist sucks. Only use it if you want around a 75% accurate list.

  5. People aren’t hacking the arena. The only known hacks within the game are DNA hacks.

  6. Bots still exist within the game but are less prominent than before. People complaining about bots are late to the party. Bots aren’t much of a problem anymore… and aren’t as frequent or imba as before.

  7. Complaining on these forums about every little thing is what has flooded this forum with toxicity. 90% of the complaints aren’t even valid or backed with any form of evidence. In fact, I dare say that most of the complaints are just flat out noob statements.

  8. Tapjoy can easily get you 500,000-1,000,000 coins with little effort.

  9. Metahubs tierlist sucks. Only use it if you want around a 75% accurate list.

  10. Metahubs tierlist sucks. Only use it if you want around a 75% accurate list.

Another thing that I do every battle is keep track of trade wins/losses… and what my win condition is.
debuff +1 / -1
crit +1/ -1
stun +1 / -1
turn advantage +1 / -1
Cloak +1 / -1

I can go into more detail in a future article if ppl want.


Great post but I must point out 9 and 10! :joy::joy::joy:


I must agree with 4, 9 and 10😂. Take a quick look at dilouranosaurus.
But what is 8 on about? Coins I can get for completing each action rounding merely 250k. :thinking:


8 is the tapjoy offers. You can get free in game cash for.


But I thought Metahub had pros playing the game and crunching numbers to give us the absolute best tier list?

I am extremely disappointed, I paid a lot of money to raise my Tragodistis to level 26.


Automated bot response aye? Arena strikes again.


Laugh silly humans, we invented a new power source fueled by human salt from the arena and every day we grow stronger. Your days are numbered.


And with that cash buy your coins.


Get lost Skynet we are on to you! Don’t make me sick Linda Hamilton on you!


You’re not human? Then what are you?


What’s wrong with dilorano? Been looking forward to making mine.


Dilorano is great. If anything it will prolly get nerfed in the future.


As a level 11 player that doesn’t spend money on the game, I’m interested in hearing more about this and your results. In my arena level I only see the occasional indominus rex or stegodeus but i’m always interested in hearing other people’s strategies


Well spoken, @Stark. I’d also be interested in hearing more battle arena theories and strategies…

I try to take notes occasionally on spawn mechanics in my area, including the time of day certain Rares and Epics spawn, the diversity of spawns noted during my mid-morning hunts, etc., but I haven’t taken the time to track and assess my team’s effectiveness in the arena based on stats and abilities.

Looking forward to a future thread that includes those thoughts and strategies!


I will post an article.


I will start working on an article


Haven’t seen one that’s been a dominant factor throughout a battle. Thus I think classing it into the top tier is an exaggeration. And again, monomimus is in runner-up, which I personally believe it deserves to be an apex dino.


You have some good points, but I have to disagree with 4, 9 and 10. I made some changes to my team based on Metahub’s lists and am quite impressed. They’re doing a great job and helped me become a better player.


That would be the 75% accuracy he was talking about, then. :slight_smile:


One comment and one question:

  1. What’s Timejump?

  2. Like a few other people I’m sure, I’d argue against the “easily” as some of our experiences with Tapjoy have been wholly unimpressive and dismal. While I’ve been able to squeeze a couple thousand cash out of some of the offers, they are definitely a “buyer beware”-type of operation, and my brother had a hell of a time getting even a response out of them, never mind the actual reward promised.