Just spent $79.95 on

…Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch after once again knocking back Ludias rip-off level 17 One Time Offer of the same value!

Like do they seriously expect us to actually buy virtual in game…well…garbage for the price of a full fledged game…which btw ive been having more fun on lol.

Clearly Ludia isn’t listening to us in the thread:

Like seriously Ludia do you really want to miss out on all this money? I mean thats now nearly $320 you have lost now from my levels 14/15/16 and 17 level up offers simply because you were greedy lol.

Ludia let me make this clear:
Lower your prices or haemorrhage money some more…your choice! Ive made mine!


Of course ludia won’t lower the prices lol
The reason why is because alot of people are still buying these over priced pixels but if people stopped then maybe they would listen.


Yup which is why I make threads like this so they see them and everyone else saying the same thing.

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

I mean when it was a choice between a full fledged and highly addictive…yet FREE to play game like D3, or a one time offer which in all likelihood would give me DNA I didnt want anyways, it was an easy choice to make!

I am actually also considering cancelling VIP also until they fix the problems like dinosaurs getting stuck in in strike towers, because the only reason I pay VIP is really to help support the devs, but they aren’t doing their job clearly because all the major bugs still exist…I mean I cant even log into the game on my phone unless I set the date, time and region to New York, and its been this way for the last few patches with NO fix!

Like seriously why pay devs if they aren’t doing their job? makes no sense!

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The next major update is this month from a email I got yesterday where things will be fixed after I complained about stuff.

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Did they say what was being fixed? because all the major problems that have been in the game since launch are still present!

I actually NEARLY lost a Trex today that got stuck in a strike tower, it was only because its body model was so big that it stuck out enough that I was able to (with a lot of effort) click on it!

This problem should have been fixed months ago! So many people have lost good dinosaurs to this problem alone and its still here…

And lets not forget all the arena problems with the game not letting you select attacks and such…

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They didn’t say what would be fixed but they are aware of a lot of issues in the game and they will be sorted this month.

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Yeah prices on this game is pretty steep I agree. Contemplating getting the next lvl 20 oto or using that money and buying the new cod game instead :rofl:

Ok well now I do hold a bit of hope for the future then lol.

But @Ludia hear this - IF when the next major update comes out my unable to login issue and the dinosaurs getting stuck in the towers aren’t fixed, VIP will be canceled! These fixes are LONG overdue!

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Get COD, I mean do you REALLY need another 6k Tri Gen2 and Koolie DNA?


Haha well said @Stiffeno. I bought Assassin’s Creed Odyssey last month, and will be getting Pokémon Let’s Go this month because I want real value-for-money rather than pour money into Ludia’s extortionate money-pit for JWA fluff. I totally agree their price-model for this ‘casual mobile game’ is exceedingly expensive for what you get, and probably well out grasp for the majority of their player-base, so as you say they’re ultimately losing money (and player’s good will).

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Reply coming, it’s just with the auto censorship brigade…

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I wouldn’t hold my breath for lower prices. If they were to say cut the price of stuff in half, everyone who paid full price for the one time offers would lose their yit. I agree I would buy way more of them if they were 10-20$ range 50-80 is ridiculous. Plus half the time the Epic is Koolasuchus or secodontasaurus to rub salt in the wound of your wallet. Haha

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I’m not sure how anyone can justify ‘gambling’ that kind of money, if yer gonna waste it probably better to waste it down the bookies at least you’ll have the chance of actually getting some return for your money. :-/

(still waiting for my first reply to be un-auto-censored)

HAHAHA!! They’ve been saying that since June! lol

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Well those one time offers are mostly because of coins and hard cash. Dna is kinda just bonus.


They could reduce. Those who invested might complain but so what. They agreed that price. Say you went to a shop and paid £50 for a jacket but then 2 months later it was reduced to £25. You have no legal right to complain because it is up to the seller if he wishes to change price


if they lower prices i will be soooo pi$$ed… i want to keep spending higher prices.

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The ones buying the overpriced digital widgets likely have no idea they’ve dropped hundreds or thousands on these level up one time offers. $50+ on how many levels?

I’m not willing to drop $800 on a mobile game with a limited shelf life.

No doubt many have it hooked to their credit card and have no idea what they’ve spent until it’s too late.

Why even HAVE OTO?

People shouldn’t have to worry about leveling up in a game that actually encourages doing so if you’re only able to potentially pay for any on rather infrequently based times.

Basing your level-ups around your paycheques/allowance/whatever is utterly ridiculous.

In a week, I’m getting a full set of winter tires for my car, paying the normal bills and anything extra is so that the bank stops charging me overdraft fees and I can get a small fund going to support emergencies.

I MIGHT be tempted to get something IF the deal is good and it’s not detracting from some kind of actual necessity but putting people “on the spot” when they gain a level is selling to a customer under duress and shouldn’t even be legal.

At least after player level 20 they should stop asides from accessing new arena tiers for the first time, right? 3/4 of the way to 18 right now.

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