Just spotted Brachiosaurus in the wild in Cape Coral,Fl


Are Brachiosaurus' FINALLY available in America?! Cuz I have found 4 in my town!
Brachiasaurus is out
Hes out in the wild now!


I saw one yesterday and could dart him and finnaly create him
Pretty good looking dino


So managed to make this guy’s this morning as got two off them :slight_smile:


Grats, how are Stats/attack’s?


On Monday, we had the sauropod strike towers, and I finally won enough DNA to create a Brachiosaurus. I was really excited to make that thing, and its a really good animal for what its worth in the battles I’ve been doing recently. But, yesterday which was when the new update came out, after I finished my daily walk in the park, where I walk around until I’ve hit the coin limit on the green supply drops, my dad drove me around the town to see what I can find. And I promise you I am not joking, I was downtown, and I found FOUR Brachiosaurus’s in one block. I wish I could’ve screenshot it, but my phone is terrible with that most of the time and I was in a rush to get them. I did manage to catch all four Brachiosaur’s enough to get mine up to level 12, and almost to level 13. Ludia said in the 1.4 release notes that certain dinosaurs were going to be migrating south during September, and I think Brachiosaurus is one of them. So, look around, and comment down below if you have seen one.


I’ve seen three since last night nearby my house.

Either I’m extraordinarily lucky, or they turned up his spawn rate to 1000% of normal epics.


Screenshot_20180918-192749_JW%20Alive Screenshot_20180918-193052_JW%20Alive Screenshot_20180918-193133_JW%20Alive


At level 11: