Just started VIP, any tips?

With the current world events, I’m at home a little more. :slight_smile:

So, I signed up for VIP last night. I’m park level 63.

What big things should I be taking advantage of? I noticed before I could get 1000DNA/24hr via ads, now it is maybe 3K/24hr?

Extra events. :slight_smile:

My top ferocity was around 1300.

I was saving my VIP points (40K) for more clock towers, but since getting the john statue, no real need. So, I got 4x 10K packs last night. Now my top ferocity is more like 1600. I’ll have to re balance a little.

I’m starving for coins. I’m doing ok on DNA and food due to mostly hatching legendary dinos now, everything takes days. (Those 10million and 20million coin packs cleaned me out.)

Likely no easy answer, but any easy way to farm VIP dinos?

I’m mostly on Jurassic, but with a VIP cenzonic, I’m afraid my PvE will be messed up. I’m sort of afraid of getting an aquatic one next.

I guess when the tide rises, so do all of the boats or they will sink.


I’m about the same level as well.

For me, the most important things about VIP would be the +2 extra trades at the Trade Harbor, double LPs and the VIP Prize drop. You are guaranteed to get 1 VIP/Tournament/SR/Common per week as long as you put enough resources into filling the rewards meter.

As for ads for DNA, I’m not sure if being VIP matters? I only get a couple for 50 DNA per day and then it becomes 10, so I don’t really notice.

I did not buy the packs for coins as I only make at most 50-60M coins/day and I trade coins for resources in the TH every chance I get. You should be able to do the VIP trades in TH now as well.

When I got my first VIP dinos, I maxed them to Lv10 right away for 2500+ ferocity, didn’t notice much of a difference in difficulty from my Lv40 Common Hybrids.

That’s my experience so far.

Can you explain this to me? I always do the first one for coins/food/dna.

Is this if you get the zinc pack? (I know of zinc/silver/gold/diamond.) Is this after diamond?

What is the trade ratio on coins to LP? I’m maybe 10million/day today. I was doing the fossil decoration to get DB trade offers. That get offers of about 1million to 300-400 DNA/DB/LP.

Explain the Trade Harbor?

I never trade the fossil for DBs, only LPs. Since we are only starting out, LPs would be more valuable than DBs, since 10K LPs = 1 Solid Gold pack, so 1 VIP Dino plus a bit if extra resources and 1300 LPs (650 x 2) back.

I am starting to get offers of VIP dinos for DBs, but they cost 11K DBs, so I pass because 10K LPs gets me a random one and resources.

I trade any resources (not unhatched dinos yet), for LPs and DBs in the TH. The coin ratio to LPs, don’t use your custom trade for this. They will appear randomly in the Trade Harbor. Sometimes you will be asked to trade 2M coins for 4-500 LPs and sometimes 8-10M for 7-800 LPs.

I always buy the VIP decorations/buildings for coins whenever they offer it and if I have enough coins. I place them down for experience points then collect them back in my market and wait for a LP/DB trade. I get 2-400 DBs/LPs for these VIP items per trade. So, kind of like an investment, the returns is pretty good.

Also, I don’t really upgrade my dinos too much, only the VIPs to level 10. So, I trade coins for food in TH at 2 coins : 1 food (best offer I think? I have had a little less than 2:1 too) then trade back Food for coins at 4 : 1 ratio. So I am cycling through a lot of resources and clear out most of the trades I want/like this way. Kind of helps us newer players with lower coin production get some “extra coins” this way.

About the VIP Prize drops, yes, the VIP dino is in the Diamond pack.

@Sionsith did an experiment to find out the minimum to get to the diamond pack. I read through the forums when I started playing. He said that the 4 slots in the Prize drops #1-4 respectively, should be opened purchased like this:

Buy all of Slot 1 everyday
Buy all of Slot 4 everyday
On Wednesday, buy all of Slot 2 (20 tickets for 3200 DNA)
On Thursday, buy 3 tickets from Slot 2 (I buy 5 just in case though)

On Sunday, you should unlock the diamon and get your VIP dino this way.

Also a chance to get VIP/tournment dinos and packs from the VIP Prize drop with 1-5% chance. I usually get 1 or more of the 1-5% dino or packs per week here too, so there’s that.

Right now, I am just like you - still starting out same level. But, I have been collecting VIP dinos and intend to just keep collecting them at Level 10 until I have 4-6 of each. They have helped me reach dominator in the tournaments, so you should be able to make it in there too. Just a little harder, have to play more defensive.

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I was just asking about the tickets (sorry that quote block is so unreadable), but wow, that all was really helpful!

The VIP tickets are 150/ea. Is the total 10 a day? Wouldn’t that be 1500/day and 10500/wk? Which is a 10K pack? (Plus what you get stuff for the tickets inbetween.)

Thanks again!

Edit: what do you use your custom trades for?

Make sure you are taking advantage of the bulk prize drop ticket purchase option…

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I use the custom trades - Fossils to LPs. I figured when I feel that I have enough of the VIP dinos I would trade coins/dnas for Aquatics/Jurassic to get hybrids.

Edit: This trade allows me to buy a few extra “Solid Gold” packs/week because you get about 900-1K LP doing the 3 fossil trades and LPs you gained from events

Like @Sionsith said, make the bulk purchases. There is a “+” symbol next to the 150 LP/ticket option and another screen would come up asking if you want to purchase 1 for 150 LP or 10 for 1200 LP (you save 300 LP this way).

Glad some of the information was helpful :blush:

Wow, I didn’t know about the bulk purchase!

I won’t fill the meter this week due to joining VIP yesterday. If I don’t fill it, can I buy my way in?

And thanks for all of the help.

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You will get a DB offer at the end but it’s usually way expensive. Best to wait until the lottery resets and start fresh.

Agree with using trades for fossils to LPs. My goal was always do whatever I can to max out the LPs to get 10K packs and build up an army of VIP dinos. I never skipped an event with a Golden pack for instance, even after they nerfed them and took out the DBs. I also tend to hit the PvPs each day as much as I can and particularly when I can do so for ad watches instead of DBs… you will land on LPs and/or packs often enough to increase your stash enough to make the time spent well worth it.

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Anymore I mostly trade coins for decorations in trade harbor. The decorations pay out best on regular trades, and I also get clock towers trades several time a week to keep the coins flowing. I’m getting close to the 100,000,000 coins every 3 hours.


Wow @Potato! I thought I had good coin production at 63M/3 hours. I’ve got some catching up to do! And @Sionsith - despite having played for so many years, you always offer many gems to improve my game play. I apparently missed the video you posted here because I didn’t realize about the Bulk ticket purchase for lottery prize… so that should save me a ton going forward. Thank you!


Yesterday I bought almost 50 of the 10,000,000 coin packs, and I was crazy busy with work so missed a bunch of opportunities and I fell asleep before being able to do my last ten. I was very happy for my level of coin production yesterday.


I’m curious, did you get certain commons a LOT more than others? I know that some were 15% and others I think 8% but I still got a certain ones WAY more than any others.

I got

  • Guanlong 10x
  • Argentinosaurus 6x
  • Diplocaulus 6x
  • Labyrinthodontia 5x
  • Tropeognathus 5x
  • Utahraptor 7x

Guess it was just my usual weird luck with Ludia’s probability algorithm. I got a TON of Tropeognathus. Seemed to be every other pack, I got them so often. Thought I’d get enough to completely fill my paddock but fell just a couple short (I also fell asleep!)

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It was a fairly even spread but I did get three of the labrythosaurus hybrid, I think I got slightly more of the argentiosaurus or it might just be because I needed to fuse a bunch of them to make space for them in the paddock. I had planned on taking a screen shot of the totals but again fell asleep and went into auto pilot mode this morning with hatching all of them out and speeding up fuse chambers to fit all of them. I did end up selling a few for DNA now that those paddocks are full :grin:.

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This month I began to track all dinos I win, buy or evolve.
Until now I got 141 creatures in March, 4.26% cenezoic, 5.67 aquatic and 90.07% Jurassic. Most Jurassics are herbivores, but this is not representative. Normally more than 35% of all creatures were carnivores, but the special offer of herbivores falsified my statistic.


I picked up a few of the alangasaurus hybrids in the common packs. Not sure how many I purchased, but I have around 15-20 commons that I can’t hatch due to lack of room in maxed paddocks. With the herbivore packs earlier this week I picked up two or three legendaries.

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