Just thinking out loud - possible boosts change?

Boosts aren’t going anywhere. That’s fine. The problem I think is less that they’re here, and more that they are allowed to go so deep. What if there was an artificial limit on how deep you can go, but not how broad?

Let me explain.

Billions of boosts for sale. Fine. Buy as much as you can. Boost your dinos. But limit it artificially to how much you can boost a dino at any given point in time - gate it.

E.g. week 1 of boost, can take any dino to tier 3. Week 2, tier 4. Week 4, tier 5 (I’m making numbers up).

Why? What does this do?

First of all, it makes levels relevant again by keeping the amount of boosts a single dino can receive to a controllable level.

But what about those that bought billions!! Great - you can boost more than just 4 or 5 dinos then. The rest of us won’t have enough. Also, when new dinos come, they can be gated too - and you big spenders can adapt a lot faster then the rest of us.

I think this still allows advantage, while ensuring we stop seeing stuff like this:

Obviously would require boost reset again, but that’s doable.



its not a bad idea. regulating how many you can use will definitely keep things a bit balanced. my idea in the past was to only allow you to boost a dino into the next tier once your whole team was the same tier.

eg: you finally get all your dinos to tier 5, and now youve hit that “achievement” maybe even grant you a prize for doing so. one time offer?? and now youve unlocked tier 6. if you want to add a new dino to your team theres no restrictions now untill you catch up to the rest of the team. this would also make it a bit easier to match make i would imagine.


It’s way too late to do anything about the boost situation now, and here’s why.
When they were launched it was legitimate to buy loads, plus we got them for free with the daily incubator. Oh, and we were given some for free upon the launch.
Then Ludia had spasmodic sales of boosts, but some users were able to take advantage of a glitch and bought loads more than they should of.
So they reset within days of the launch to try and make good the cock up, but allowed us to buy as many as we wanted over a whole weekend.
From then they’ve been available daily from the daily incubator, every Wednesday and every Sunday in varying amounts.
So how would anyone know how many they’ve bought, and how many they’ve earned?
It would be impossible to work out.
And anyway, within a couple of months we would be right back where we started!

with my solution that wouldnt matter really. and needs no resets.

My solution would be that you could boost dinos the same way you currently do, but they would only be active for a certain number of battles. Once that number of battles are completed, the boosts reset and youll have to reapply them

Your idea wasnt bad either :slight_smile:

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This way, as it always resets the boosts after every battle, people will just put all boosts into certain dinos like Thor or Rat to get super Thor and super Rat to beat others.

The idea is sound but might be a problem since Ludia have sold us more than we’d be able to put on a team.

As a mitigation it would be probably best that they drop the % gain from boost down so that leveling up is a viable alternative to boosting which in today’s game isn’t the case.

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Boosts should stay for a specific patches only …

After every patch (new dinos introduction) all the boosts might be reset to 0 without any refundation. This could be fair for community (if they know about that of course) and you could earn way more money Ludia.

I see way more balance and the possibility for playerbase to try your new introduced dinos too. Nowadays, your system is a bit of garbage since its pointless to introduce new dino, which is way too far behind the one´s when all the boost anomaly has started and u will just rage out playerbase if u nerf their already high boosted dino to the floor.

It could be right in your hands to make balance all across the arena every patch this way, sadly u choose another one.

That statment is false. Becous there is no way to delete boostes only use them. So counting the amout the stat is boosted you can calculate the nesesary boostpoint to get that value.

Reseting and giving the players all the boostpoint they have spent(, is already a feature some ppl want) would be a completly poseble action

In what world would Ludia want to hurt there big spenders players? The boosts are a bad ide for the game as a hole, and was not really designed with fairnes in mind. Balence in the arena is and will be never be true. In seperet systems, like Tornements and frendly battles will we see balense. There the boosts are turned off, I suggest investing more thouts to thees.

Dyslexi - What I meant was that it would be impossible to work out how many had been purchased and how many had been earned. Let’s say a player says he hardly ever does his daily incubator, but actually does it every day for example. That’s 50x4 of each that he says he bought but didn’t buy.

50? How are you getting 50? From my understanding you can get 28 boosts per category a week. 7x4 = 28. Through daily battle incubator that is.

So you figure they’ve only been available for one week Sergiosaurus?

Going back to 17th May when there was a rollback, it’s perfectly feasible that players could say they didn’t complete a daily incubator at all, so they bought the equivalent of 76 days worth. 76x4 = 304x3= 912 . So they could claim they bought 912 boosts which in actual fact were just given free!
How would anyone know the truth?

I just dont quite get where the 50 is coming from. I know there have been way more than the weekly 28 per category though the DBI. I’ve managed to get them all or at least most, myself.

Just a rough guess as to how many someone may say they bought but actually didn’t

I would love to see some boost rework, but what about this.

Make 2 arenas. One for tourney style and one friendly style sort of.

Arena 1 tourney. Better prizes, dinos as is. Basically the arena now.

Arena 2. Scale all dinos to same level and same boosts. Sort of like friendly. Difference is
Top arena lvl 30 tier 10
Next arena lvl 28 tier 8
Then 26 tier 6
Then 21 tier 5
16 tier 4
13 tier 3
11 tier 2
Rest of them lvl 10 tier 1

That may help with match making in most arenas. Can still do trophies. Make both arenas count for dbi. But the first scenario would be tourney based and give hc and better rewards than just trophies. Players that care about leaderboards will want to play more in it. Boosts still viable.

Now I know they will say most people will play in 2nd. That’s prob true. But given the amount of people leaving or not battling how is it any different. Will actually get more people involved back in game.

Could always limit the arenas they apply to. Boosts only apply above aviary, for example.

Would have the benefit of making general Strike Events a bit more interesting too.

Why not turn off boosts then you face an oponent without boosts. Offer a reset and so let the payers play ichother and those how like boosting. Maybe also give an incentiv too boosted battel as well, for Ludia reasons.

I dont think there is a need to see the diference, from the perspectiv of Ludia and or from the paies. The boost should not be treted difrently… if you dont meant that they should get a monetery refund, wich would be as easy, becouse there are rescites and bank transfers.