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Just to be clear

Yes, I am complaining but this is informative and will help members understand a few forum rules that are not as clear as they should be and avoid breaking rules or arguing with staff. If anyone else has had problems with the clarity or the rules ask or comment below. Be constructive in your replies as we need to have a clear set of rules to avoid conflict.

This is not in direct reference to All of the classic set of “four letter words” but some do apply. For example Hell can be used in non religious context. Ass can be used. Just don’t use it in reference to members or staff.

Simply put do not use anything as a placeholder for prohibited context. Not even random characters (classic cartoon style). I would even avoid using underscores to create a fill in the blank. Don’t imply, suggest or hint. It is also best to avoid anything to looks or sounds like these words. Don’t go all battlestar galactica on the forum.

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So… Then…
Am I taking my chances if I mention the Nodosaurus mummy they found in the frack sands?

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No as long as that is an actual type of sand

Fair, though fracking in of itself can be a controversial subject, so perhaps it’s best to still leave the word out of it.
Also, I’m not from St. Louis, so my utterance of “Go Rams” is of no serious concern. :stuck_out_tongue:

So far, so good. Careful with the fracking, I grew up watching Battlestar Galactica as did most of the other mods.


Thanks J.C. I was hoping this wasn’t pushing things too far. I try to be subtle If I pull stunts like this. A comment a while back using “Adam” seemed to go fairly well unnoticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that in the job description? “Must be nerd” :wink:

(One of the best scifi shows ever btw, curious about the remake in 2020)


It’s in the nice to haves, not a job requirment. Does come in handy not gonna lie.