Just unlocked Darwinopterus

Surprised no one is talking about it. Its actually not bad looking. Decent stats too.


Me too!! Just got it from the brachiosaurus strike!

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That’s where I got mine as well. Haha

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I cant wait until they add diplodocus! He/shes gonna be so good!

I’d like to but I haven’t seen one anywhere. :frowning:

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I dont think hes officially added in the game yet… I remember you said that actually! :grinning:

I know but I wants one!!! :disappointed_relieved:

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Me too! Actually, ima make a topic about that!

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Do it :o
I’ll check it out

Diplodocus is in the game. I got some DNA from a strike event recently.

I also got my Darwinopterus from the Brachiosaur strike tower and I like it. Unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of areas that JWA considers parkland (assuming the green areas are designated as parks).

Its not wild, but it’s obtainable

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Its obtainable look at the pic i posted

Ludia is being sneaky

The diplodocus is obtainable, the darwinopterous spawns around

Just had a Dawminopterous spawn in the wild … mine is now L13 :slight_smile:

Well aware. U said u didnt think diplodocus was in the game yet

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