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Just unlocked my second Unique

Didn’t think this one would be my second one, but at least the design is cool. I just hope it gets some kind of rework in the future. By the way, do you think it’s good enough to go on my team?


Congratulations on your second unique, stygidaryx’s main role is to just swap it in and just use cleanse and swoop, so don’t start with stygidaryx, you don’t have to run it on your team, but if you really want to run it on your team, I would either replace stegodeus, trago or sucho.

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I was debating on taking off either Tragod or Stegod, but it’s hard to choose. My Stegod does more damage and can tank big hits, but my Tragod hard counters quite a few things with it’s invincible shield and can whittle down the opponent’s health. So I’m not sure which Is the best to replace.

at equal levels non boosts I would choose trago due to it being very fast and having long i with that small counter, and it can stun unlike stegodeus, so I would choose trago

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Its very situational but it is at your team level - shame boosts make it so hard to experiment


That is true, I just like using any new Hybrid I unlock, especially a Unique. And as you can see my team could be improved so I’m always wondering who to replace.

Congrats men my 2nd unique was erlidom but on a event so maybe he doesnt count :sweat_smile: the real 2nd unique was tryko followed for dioraja 2 super good dinos i recomend both


I have Tryko halfway unlocked, just need more Anky. The season is almost over so I’m waiting for then.

Same i can level both tryko and dioraja to level 22 once the season ends ,currently working on vexus,gemini and grypo he will, i hope be done till sunday

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Here is mine

Ita very powerful actually, not to mention my favourite creature in the game


I hope I can get used to it and play it to its strengths.

I’m actually at 204 for mine, thanks to many lucky fuses. I’ve ran out of both Anky and Rexy, but with the rewards being Anky, my ultimate stopper is Rexy. Shame really, she hasn’t graced me with her presence as of late.

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Same here, Rexy used to show herself a lot but ever since I moved, I don’t see any.