Just venting my frustration

So I go to play the arena to get daily battle incubator to help my alliance and I start my first battle. I put in thyla first and he times out. I see this:
Screenshot_20210524-201436_JW Alive
I kill that going superiority strike then rend then swap to draco. And then this happens
Screenshot_20210524-201540_JW Alive
I am starting to get frustrated. I cleanse impact but he goes distracting impact and kills me in 1. Is swap to spinota to go bleed and then swoop and this happens
Screenshot_20210524-201709_JW Alive
I am really frustrated now and I lose. I LOSE 37 CUPS. I thought he was a dropper so I check their profile and I see this

Mind you, my highest cup score is 3602. I thought it would work like the trash system did in the tourney and if I get put against someone with higher cups I lose less trophies. CLEARLY NOT!!! I want to personally ask ludia to see if they think this is fair. The 20/40 system is horrible. Actually it is so bad there are no words bad enough to describe it. :triumph:

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Whoops forgot about that

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And this is the issue with the 20/40. You’re way more likely to lose 40 pts because there’s loads of droppers.


I had that happen to me.

I faced a Hadros in lockdown


If you guys think thats bad then check this out…
Take a real good look at the speed, atk and HP strengths…
that is insane to see a Tryostronyx with that crazy amount of speed you would have to be a jet powered dino to even try catching this thing in a police radar trap.!.


What arena

Thats a tryo in a raid though… Plus it got a speed up from a tuoramoloch and there is two tryos because the crit chance is 80%, which means that ready to crush was used by this tryo and other tryo in the raid.


There’s no way that’s in PvP.

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It’s boss battle

Who said it was in a PVP battle ?
All i am saying is that kind of speed plus the crit percentage is totally insane ( 212 speed + 80% crit chance ) if i had to face off against that kind of super boosted dino in a PvP battle i would quit the second i saw those kind of figures on an opponents dino because there would be no way of defeating it.!. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

That’s why it’s impossible to get that in PvP. I’m 99% sure neither of those stats are possible in PvP

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The thread is about the state of the current PvP system, and being placed against super boosted teams from dropper players, see OP comments. You would never face that in a PvP battle because those stats are impossible outside of a raid.

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