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Just wanna share my successful Apex raids

We planed for 3vs3 on mrex but on Ceramagnus? Didn’t expect it work out! lol it was 20/20 turns tho


Poukan+Tuora damage must be able to kill the raptor and Thor must finish Majunga in the very first turn. after that it was just a walk in the park


As for Magnus, I don’t personally know the Bajato guy. just curious how he will use Bajatonodon in the Magnus raid and there we go… lol

Bajatonodon died at the first turn of round 3

Gemini died at Magnus’ second rampage afterward

I know we can beat Magnus before it can use the last rampage to poukan but wasn’t so sure if the raid end at the end of 19/20 turns or after the end of 20/20 turns as I don’t recall taking on raid this long.

but yeah, in the end. we beat it with 3vs3 challenge!! Woohoooo


Sorry, I only have 1 unique and i don’t have the rest
there are some other raid strats tho for motem

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