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Just want to say thanks Ludia

Thanks Ludia for making it impossible to get out of Aviary let alone advance in any way. No matter what I do, I always get stuck in a 15 loss losing streak. Even when I change my team hoping that losing streak will end, I get stuck in between the border of Lockwood and Aviary without any progress whatsoever. The broken nature of your arena gives testament to what your priorities are really. You much rather cater to the whales and ignore everyone else. You have made the game unenjoyable to the point of just giving up. Boost 2.0 was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde deal. First it seemed awesome and for once the arena seemed balance then all of a sudden it flips personality and now it is mundane and a real hassle to play. It has now come to the point where I ask what is the use of even competing in the arena. What is the use participating in mediocre tournaments with the reward being dangled in my face like an emanciated dog trying to get his favorite treat? You all need to assess your priorities. I have been playing this game since it first launched and I used to love playing this game very much. Now that joy has been leeched from me and I have you Ludia to thank for this. Great job sending the game into a downward spiral.


I mean, it might be a downward spiral to you but I still enjoy going out and hunting and doing strike towers.

The only thing I enjoy in the game is hunting dinos and leveling them. I also love the strike towers. That is it


Please post this review in either the Apple or Google Play app stores. Real change will occur when new customer growth slows. That is a key metric tracked by Fremantle/Ludia.


I have voiced my opinion many times in Google Play store in regards to this game.

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