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Just wanted to post this

I’m pretty sure that this person used low level creatures to balance out the average of their level 30, so he didn’t have to fight strong people. They also spammed MANY emotes. What the heck. They weren’t a dropper, he would’ve let me win. Idek lol.

A dropper enters the lower arena and then fights using much more powerful creatures. He probably is a dropper and is doing this for the easy wins

but why not run a full level 30 team?

Emote spam is for an achievement perhaps? :slight_smile:

But really, who cares. Move on to the next match.


well, thats fair, but its kinda getting annoying to find this every other match. in my time at aviary, i have fought 3 even matches. i did a LOT of grinding here. I know the amount of time ive spent here is nothing compared to others, but still. 100 battles (at least) and 3 even matches? Matchmaking is so broken. Ludia fix IT!

Honestly if you get a powerful enough spyx it’s game over for almost anything not resilient not that Ludia Doesn’t have to fix it.

i dont think im gonna get spyx for a while. my spinonyx is 16, i have no spino gen 2, almost no bary, and only 2k erliko g2.

Hard to blame the matchmaking algorithm when someone is smurfing this hard. What has been talked about before is instituting some sort of level cap where you can’t have a dino over level X in arena Y. That way they would have to weigh the “pros” of dropping against the cons of having to battle back up w/out using their A team. This coupled with better rewards in the higher areas would greatly reduce the number of droppers.