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Just when I think, "How much more can they break?"

Say what you want, this game’s matchmaking is rigged.
The constant up and down is designed to make you feel good about your team, then the switch flips to make make you believe you need to spend money to make it better. Win, lose.
Anyway, just as I think it can’t get more broken. I got fed up with the 300 point losing streak so I embraced the lose. Switched my team to drop mode. Go into arena and realize it didn’t register. Switch back after intentionally losing, and it shows my drop team.
Can this game get any worse?


Was it a glitch, or were you forced to use thise creatures?

A “glitch”, but was forced to use creatures that were not shown as my team. I had the creatures shown in arena.
I changed team, clicked done, swapped screens a few times to check, went to arena and got my original “A” team. Lost the battle, checked “my team” which showed just as you see here. Went back into arena and had my “A” team again. Lost that, checked “my team” which showed the “My team” you see here.

Rebooted the app, and it showed my “A” team as “my Team”.

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Damm. Sorry the game did that to you

It’s not the first time.

Well then I personally don’t know how to help. Sorry pal

Had this in the last tournament - no matter how many times I changed one creature it still kept giving me the previous occupent of that slot

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Ugh, more tinfoil hatters. You know why these people annoy me? Because they make up random things that are allegedly “rigged” and distract from genuine issues, undermining them and the entire community at large. They are why Ludia doesn’t listen to us, most likely…


Yeah, I’ve had this happen to me a number of times. Restarting and then switching the team again usually did the trick. It’s happened ever since they added the ability to have a friendly team and a PvP team selected at the same time.

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Sorry, BobbyMcFeen, I’ve been playing long enough to see patterns emerge.

Matchmaking is programmed. Ludia made a lot of money on gambling games. Gambling addictions are fueled by win/loss streaks predicated on the belief you can win back what you lost. These are the facts.

Without access to the code we can’t prove or disprove it is programmed to elicit the gambling response in players. Based on the facts above and observations we can make a determination that there is a better than average chance that Ludia has programmed matchmaking to elicit a response that benefits Ludia.

You are welcome to your own opinion, but not your own set of facts. It can’t be proven or disproved. All we can do is agree to disagree.

Ask yourself this question: “Do I trust Ludia to do the right thing?”

Ludia never talked to us from the beginning, I’m not sure how you believe they don’t talk to us because some believe Ludia has programmed the game to wring more money out of players…


This always happens. When I switch teams I just restart the game. No big deal.

You are also welcome to believe whatever delusion you thought of to convince yourself that your losses weren’t your fault. All I ask is that you don’t flag my posts because you disagree with me. It’s seriously beyond petty.

Delusional? No.

I can assure you, I did not flag your post. You of all people shouldn’t assume things that you know nothing about… like who flagged your post. :kissing_heart:

It seems your belief is that I flagged your post… You are wrong.

You never answered, Do you trust Ludia to do the right thing, always?


As THE tinfoil hatter (Tinfoil hats for sale in my store for $13.37 purchase today) I think this case might just be down to bodgy code.

Btw another thing that comes to mind, if this is letting dinosauras not on your team anymore be selected, is the MM algorithm using this team to make it’s team strength calculations?


My initial statement about the win lose thing, separate from the team switching thing, was based off a +250 point win streak, followed by a - 300 point losing streak. Some would ignore the win streak, @bobbymcfeen and say I just don’t know how to play, that’s why I experienced a losing streak.

The dodgy team selection was after I said profanity and embraced the lose. So, no… that had no effect on my win or loss streaks.

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Hey DragonHunter, I’m sorry that the battle didn’t register your updated Strike Team, and our team would like to investigate this issue further.

Could I ask you to send that screenshot along with your support key to


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You can see a pattern whenever you make a large change to your team. Currently right now I’m at my highest after applying boosts. I stopped battling because I know what’s coming. The last time I applied boosts I received I fell 150 trophies before stopping and took a week to slowly gain them back. I always wear my tinfoil hat with honor. Besides @Stiffeno shipped me one from his stock as a gift for joining the TinFoil Club of Australia.


Glad you took advantage of our quality tinfoil hat services, we are also looking into expanding into the pitchfork industry also, and I would indeed be our best customer lol


Ned, this was in general discussion.
I didn’t really expect a fix for the glitch.
This was moved by a mod to this category.
Not my choice.

I understand what you’re saying, except me team hadn’t changed in quite some time prior to the win/loss streak.

It’s amazing to me to realize some people think Ludia is devious because of nerfs, boosts and boost sales, but absolutely deny they might program some psychological profitability into the game. I mean really? You believe one but not the other? Let’s not forget the upcoming shield and armour boosts… To counteract the boosts