Justice For CHOMP!

We are looking for someone to help us here!
This game has its glitches and bugs, and we still stick around and play this game because we love it. The only thing we love more Are the Friends we made through all these 4 years of playing. It’s such a big injustice gutting us all in our team seeing Ludia has banned a player for spoofing although he isn’t. Our good friend is a commercial Airplane Pilot who got banned because of the change of his coordinates. He sent all the Proofs of his job and being legit and the support just decided to close his doors on him.
He doesn’t even get a chance to talk to any support. This cannot be a closed topic. He is playing the game for so long and this is the way someone so dedicated is being treated ? No issue with banning cheaters, but this just is not right !!!


It is so sad that Ludia treats their customers like this. We spend millions of dollars and Instead of fixing it they will just delete comments and say that we are bullying and arguing with staff. Which we aren’t. We are trying to help them see what is going on and nothing helps when you send to their customer support department or call on the phone. They send you to voicemail and never call back. I’m sure this will get flagged too. I have been flagged twice today because I provided the correct email to fix problems. It was like the top person at Ludia. However, they just deleted it and flagged me twice. I have also called him on the phone using his correct name and left a message and it has been like 6 months ago and he still hasn’t responded. I would say if they don’t listen to their customers soon that the high mountain they are setting on will come crashing down as it is now when everyone walks away from the game.




chomp definitely deserves an unban, ludia please check this case and proofs and consider unbanning chomp


This account is legit Ludia
Stop ignoring us (please) and sort it out
Delete this and more will come


if he was spoofing, wouldnt the time and distance between his sign in locations be too short? if he shows in NYC at one point and LA 30 minutes later, it would be clear he is spoofing, but if it is 5+ hours different, then they should be able to review it and determine he is not spoofing. Laziness on Ludia’s part for not actively looking into this and shutting Chomp out.


Delete my comments all you like… doesn’t mean it’s not true


I believe all people deserve a fair shot and second chance. That includes Ludia, Chomp, and everyone.

Chomp has stuck around even after the ban because of the of great people that have been brought together through the game we all are so passionate about.

To be banned for spoofing and then not given a fair chance for an appeal, even after multiple people have attempted to contact Ludia about it…:exploding_head:

Please, look into this and reconsider.


@moderators can you help us here in any way ? There has to be a way ! We will do anything to prove that this is surely not a case of cheating. We have evidence for everything needed.


@moderators look above. There is evidence that Chomp did not spoof ok take a look at it!


@ned, @Hank , @C.R, @moderators. Can we get someone to see this?

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