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Justice for Friday and Saturday raid calendar

So my Alive friends this is a request to update Raid calendar as a Jurassic Fan. Lemme know what y’all are thinking in the reply section.

Raid Calendar :
Gorgotrebax boss
Grypolyth boss
Indominus Rex boss
Sinoceratops boss
Bajadasaurus boss

Carnotaurus boss
Blue boss
Mammotherium boss
Hadros Lux boss
Stygidaryx boss

Erlikogamma boss
Indoraptor boss
Mortem Rex boss
Pyrritator boss
Meiolania boss

Ceramagnus boss
Scorpious Rex boss
Smilonemys boss
Tyrannosaurus Rex boss
Irritator boss

Refrenantem boss
Megalosuchus boss
Baryonyx boss
Trykosaurus boss
Purrusaurus boss

Haast Maximus
Pteraquetzal boss
Poukanductylus boss
Velosarchos boss
Spinosaurus boss

Full schedule of Friday and Saturday raids? No thanks.

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It’s going to happen eventually, same goes for Sunday.

There will be 35 raids in total, 5 per day 7 days a week.


In fact I have a better idea. Keep only apexes Friday to Sunday, and make them available all weekend. So we can do all on Friday or on Sunday or whatever suits best. And can have a day off if wanted / needed etc. Most people can’t be around every single day to do multiple raids.


No thank you


What you are suggesting is worse than 1 Apex every day of the week.

Some people work weekends, all weekend, just like most people work all working week.

Having the Apex’s spread across every day as it is right now is the fairer approach rather than sticking them all on the weekend, or working week only.

Try suggesting something that supports the wider people rather than self.


I prefer raids over tournament but that’s way too many.


This text will be blurred


If I was Ludia and did full calanders for Friday and Saturday I’d at least add back the woolly Mammoth


you don’t have to do all of them. Also having days with only apexes is unfair for the players who aren’t high enough level to participate.

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Replace this with Tyrannolophosaurus or Utahsinoraptor and we’re good.

Also If it were up to me I’d replace stygidaryx with literally any other unique


Damn, sooo much stress. Can’t even imagine.

From reset on Monday until reset on Tuesday, gorgotrebax.
From reset on Tuesday until reset on Wednesday, hadros lux and haast maximus.
From reset on Wednesday until reset on Thursday, mortem rex and refrenantem.
From reset on Thursday until reset on Friday, ceramagnus and hydra boa.
From reset on Friday until reset on Monday (during the tournament), all apex raids available as a catch up session.

For the other rarities, it’s less important as there are other ways to acquire DNA and you can do most of them in a couple of turns anyway. So we could probably have 1 of each every day. The only way to acquire apex DNA is through raids, so the schedule I am suggesting would allow most people not to miss out.

Bro please no . .

Yeah you got a point I literally forgot about this baddy : Tyrannolophosaur.

Nothing mandatory about it… you don’t want to raid those days, don’t, but what they have now pretty much kills raiding for those that are leveling dinos and not looking for apexes yet.

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Yep this one should have been kept, and shuffled to one of these off days.

To all those saying, “NO”… they’re not mandatory… go do something else if you don’t want to raid…

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I don’t come to forum often, but you misunderstood what I meant, or I didn’t express myself correctly. I meant have the 3 weekend apexes available all weekend. Eagle, Boa and Ref. The weekday ones (Monday to Thursday) would remain as is now.