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Justice for Hydraboa

Hydraboa cannot have only one head. Better a 3 headed snake with flock mechanic.


so… what happens when one member dies? do one of its heads just flop down dead?


Exactly. But if it’s cutted down it will show double regrouth.

I find that a good idea but it would not be a Glock he would have 3 heads and if we knock him out in his first phase one of his heads falls and the others take over

It could be said that each round is a falling head, but it would take more heads

Or it could’ve just been 3 snakes


Happy cake day!

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Haha just noticed. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 9.29.20 AM


But why? Hydraboa is fine design wise from the silhouette. This is a game about prehistoric creatures and some hybrids based of them. It’s not about mythical monsters. They even put the reason why it’s called Hydra in the description. We haven’t seen it’s colors yet, so those could still be good. And it’s Moveset is insane. There isn’t really a need for justice when the silhouette is the only thing we can see so far and the Moveset already does it justice.