Justice for Monomimus!

Self-explanatory. This is my first attempt at a poll, so we’ll see how this goes. I know that we have more “pressing issues” to worry about at the moment when it comes to JWA, but after the whole Rending Takedown scenario, it is quite possible that Ludia do in fact pay at least some attention to these.

So I chose a topic that shouldn’t be too divisive, and is quite relevant now that Evasion is such an important part of the meta. The topic is the very first Immune dodging hybrid chicken, Monomimus.

As everyone familiar with the topic should know by now, Monomeme is far outmatched by its Epic counterpart, and undeservedly so. It also has an exclusive ingredient, and the other is considerably harder to farm than a certain Rare Turkey.

Now, she may have earned her nerf back during her reign of terror, but no creature deserves to be nerfed into the ground as many times as she was.

It’s pretty obvious which side I am on here :joy:, but don’t let that stop you from choosing whichever side you sympathise with.

May the voting commence!

  • Monomimus deserves a buff!
  • Monomimus is fine as it is.
  • Monomimus deserves a nerf!

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I think I’ve earned the right to say it.
Monomimus Defense Squad Assemble!


Buff. She needs it!


Nerf monomimus!
I mean buff it!


Accidentally voted for a nerf, changed my answer very quickly.


A buff she needs. Assemble the squad will.


I’m gonna be a rebel and say nerf.


Dear @Erlikdom… I have one thing to say…


I’m hoping ProceRAT gets the Monomimus treatment next patch, and Monomimus gets the ProceRAT treatment from the past few patches.


But not enough to make Monomimus completely broken. Buff it to a good spot for a legendary.


Monomimus already has a hybrid, so it got the same thing as einiasuchus. It was once better than its hybrid but now its lesser. The same thing with monomemeus and pterovexus

Hmm interesting thought. All I care about is Monomimus getting a major, permanent buff. If this doesn’t happen, STAY AWAY from Wrathomimus!


Monomimus needs even more nerfs.


It’s a Joke…Right???

This thing definitely needs to improve

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I’m totally not being sarcastic at all, it needs to get nerfed to hell.


Ludia actually buffed Sarcorixis so that it would be the better hybrid first, without changing Einia. They even made sure it’s speed was 1 point higher than Einia’s.
That was the buff where Rixis got it’s now higher stats (practically all of them), Immobilize, Ferocious Impact and GSS, and lost SI-Defence.

Then later on all the ceratopsians were changed together, because of some creative vision of the devs, in which ceRATopsians play a different role to the powerhouses they used to be.
Hence the Einia change.

A better example might be Diloranosaurus, but it isn’t a bad dino at all, even post-nerf.
And there’s plenty more examples of good ingredients. Utasino, Allosino, Suchotator, Paramoloch, Indominus rex G1 and G2, Edmontoguanodon, Smilocephalosaurus, Purutaurus, etc.

In fact, I’m pretty sure the majority of hybrids remained unchanged on getting superhybrids. Some, like Purrolyth continued to be buffed after their superhybrid was released.

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TL;DR— Einia’s changes had nothing to do with Rixis.
That was just Ludia being Ludia.

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Who needs to be nerfed is Prorat!

Monomimus is so bad.Poor little guy


This is proof that he/she needs to improve…


I am going with the inevitable and that is it will be nerfed once again.