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Justice for our favorite dinosaur!

some dinosaurs need to be improved, like my favorite, triceratops, would have been so good if an update appeared in (Jurassic World Alive) to restore the deserving rarity to some dinosaurs, JWG did that well!

Ludia most likely can’t and won’t change rarity of creatures, it would cause some havoc with hybrid stuff, and I would say they would never but I remember ludia changed metrodons components so Idk if they’d do this too lol


When did they change (monolo)metrodons components? I thought they were always Dracorex Gen 2 and Monolophosaurus Gen 2?


This good old swapper rewarding tournament!!!

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Lol I remember that, but it was just a visual error, they never changed the actual components :joy:


Like snake dude said, with JWA it’s way harder to actualy change raritys then it is with JWTG actualy JWA has it basicly imposible

And i actualy don’t think any creature has a “deserved” rarity, if a creatute is well known that in my opinion realy does not mean the creature should automaticly be a high rarity

Exept maybe the fan favorite(and in my opinion overrated) t-rex


but I’m tired of seeing ordinary or rare triceratops!

I mean of course, she’s one of the most well known dinosaurs in the world. Ask anyone to name the biggest dinosaur or a dinosaur in general I’m sure they would say T-Rex.
And @Blacksaber best bet to make a creature better without changing its rarity is a buff, and again, no way ludia would change creature rarity in this game, in JWtG it doesn’t matter too much, here it affects a lot with lots of change needed

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the T-Rex is in luck, why not his legendary enemy!

I could say the exact same for thylacaleo, or amphicyon, or, inostrancevia, or phorusrachos, or argentinosaurus. It’s just a rarity, and keep in mind a creature being lower rarity means more of the creature’s dna for everyone

And in some cases its actualy better a creature is lower rarity, seriusly me being able to use thylacaleo in every rare tourney is awesome as they appear more often then epic ones

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you may be right …:sob::sob::sob: