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Justice for Sarcorixis!


Alright, now that the new patch notes are out, I can’t lie. I’m so disappointed.

My favourite creature is the Sarcorixis, and I’ve been waiting for this patch for it to get fixed. But it gets nothing. Let us look at it, shall we?

Compared to its dna component Einiasuchus, it has the SAME hp, the SAME speed, the SAME damage, and LESS armor. Okay, okay. Stats aren’t everything. Its strengths must lie in its abilities, right?

Well, maybe it used to. But the thing is that the last couple of updates have completely SCREWED over Sarcorixis. It had Lockdown strike, so it could lock down dinos twice as long as any creature with only pinning strike. But then pinning strike was buffed, and lockdown remained the same. So now… They’re the exact same ability.

It had greater stunning Impact, when Einiasuchus only had minor stunning impact. So hey, at least it had a much higher chance of stunning its opponents. But guess what? All stun skills in the game were changed to greater stunning impact. So now Einia has greater stunning impact too, and once again, Sarcorixis was NOT compensated for it.

So right now, the only reason for picking Sarcorixis over Einiasuchus is that it has swap in defence (Which you rarely use anyway) and armor piercing basic attacks, which… It rarely lives long enough to get to use since it is LESS tanky than its dna component.

Where is the justice!? After indirectly nerfing Sarcorixis TWICE I expected at the very least that lockdown strike would become three turns. AT THE VERY LEAST. What would really help to make it worth while investing all your Einia dna into sarcorixis instead of just making a stronger Einia would be to give it Lockdown Impact or Rampage. Or buff its speed. Or SOMETHING.

I’ve got a Sarcorixis lvl 21 and an Einia lvl 20. I’ve invested so much into Sarcorixis 'cause I love its design. But honestly, it barely makes any difference which one of them I put in my team, 'cause… They’re basically the same. And I would not recommend anyone to use its Einia dna for Sarcorixis as it is right now. Seriously, just make a stronger Einia. It’ll be much more worth your while. It sucks.

Justice for Sarcorixis!

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