Justice for utasino, rinex dilorach etc

So hear me out, things like utasino, dilorach, and rinex dropped off of competitive play a lot. You used to see those 3 everywhere and they just kind of died out. The reason for this? The meta shifting around them while they themselves receive no changes. It’s changed to more of a immune meta and things like distracters, stunners, bleeders and utility dinos have all dropped off. I think a simple fix to this would be either straight up removing immunity (and compensating for it obviously) from some major big league creatures like erlidom and magna, or introducing more features to get past or nullify the immunity effect. Or reworking these forgotten creatures themselves to be more equipped to fight the current meta, like dilorach could get immune to distraction or decel, and maybe have rampage and run swapped for something like nullifying rampage. And improving it’s turn 1 damage by giving it distracting impact in place of distracting strike even. Let me know what you think about these ideas

There’s a huge topic about immunity. But please don’t touch my magna!

Utasino is a legendary, it’s not necessarily end game material.
Rinex is still awesome, very underrated. Not as great as before but I love it.
Dilo, well… Time to make space for something else! Enough others to choose from.


It’s the partial Immunities that drove them out of relevance, along with the fact that certain Immunes are probably better than they should be.
Changing anything else to compensate wouldn’t make sense, at least not until we’ve tried reworking those things.

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We would soon get tired of simply levelling and using the same creatures month in month out, year in year out. So meta changes and new creatures are always welcome.

Plus of course, plenty of people will have boosts applied on the three dinos mentioned and will need to take them off to put them into the new dinos they replace them with. At a 50% cost of course.

By the time we have all done that, the meta will change again and stuns, distracts, slowing moves etc… will be relevant again and we can do it all again. Losing 50% more of our boosts.

But hey ho, never mind, they are on sale every day so we can just buy some more.

Happy days


Removing immunity? Absolutely not!
Reworking current meta irrelevant creatures? Heck yeah!

The only creature that actually deserves to lose immunity is geminititan, cause It should never have gotten It in the first place. Now, the other ones that actually have immune parents? Nah, don’t touch them.
As for reworking those hybrids, i have some ideas similar to yours, though since giving too many partials immunities is the main factor for many dinos becoming unusable, i won’t be doing much of that in the reworks:

Speed now 131
1500 damage
Superiority strike
Distracting strike
Greater stunning rampage
Nullyfing rampage

3750 hp
Gains swap in definite strike from dracorex parent

Stats are fine
Strike becomes distraction from raptor parent
Gains swap in definite strike from kapro

Loses full immunity, gains immunity to distraction


I think… they are just victims of the game trying to stay alive and relevant.
The meta changed, the game added new moves, new mechanics… and the kings of the old eras don’t shine anymore.

I see that as a normal thing, even if some love, from time to time, would be great.

As one a former utasino user, very elect utahrienx user and and a current dilorach user I can tell immunities are a problem but like it doesn’t kill them, take smilocephaloaursus vs dilorach, just cause dilorach can’t use dodge doesn’t mean it doesn’t win… you distract they pounce you superiority strike, (equal one rampage, they go rampage, finally your fine bam killed them and if not leave open to swap in dearth or it one shot able, Thylacotator another immune to stuns also can’t beat it, dilorach goes distract, thyla bleed, you rampage and run near death thyla and it can come back in revenge kill ready to stun or run again. The reason, at least for me that each and rinex are dieing our isn’t immune to stuns, it’s full immunity, immunity to it main weapons and dodge

Give it 131 speed and you have a deal; except immune to decel, it does ones that that just adding gasoline to the immune fire

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It also it a good counter to Indoraptor 2 if it faster, since it has SS it does good damage allowing you to hit hard with fun or make or force it to ES the swap out

Uhhhh… Dilorach gets smacked by indo G2 if it’s faster lol. If it’s slower then it has a way better chance

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Considering all Indo are boosted more likely than not you’ll be slower

Agreed, i’ll edit that

For the examples you gave—Smiloceph and Thyla—that’s true, but there’s also more relevant stun-immune creatures like Smilon, both Indoraptors, Gemini, Entelomoth, Paramoloch, Tuoramoloch, etc that have a much bigger impact on Dilorach and Rinex’s viability.

SI-Definite Strike might be too much for Rinex, especially with that attack stat. It’s not as bad as the rat, but I still feel like SI-Definite Headbutt would be safer.

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In my experience, in the end game the reason they became useless are 3: Gemini, indoraptor, indoraptor gen2. It wasn’t until gemini gained full immunity and the indos partials that those dinos fell out of the meta. The meta could deal with one of the towers being immune, but both just limits a lot the use of those dinos. Adding to that is the fact that nearly every team has indo or indo gen2 and in some cases both. There’s no reason to have a dilorach, a rinex or spinotah on the team when they get destroyed by those dinos. The moment i saw the release notes with gemini getting immunity i immediatly though, damn, this will ruin bleeders. We already had maxima and all other full immunes and that wasn’t a problem. In case of partials, handing too many for no reason, specially stun immunity was bad for the meta. Para and tuora didn’t need It, tuora needs a rework but i don’t think immunity is the way to go. Nemys didn’t need slow immunity(even though I think it’s good for now that It can beat gemini, this is just power creep that doesn’t really help the meta in the long run), gemini shouldn’t be immune, It was good without It. If It lost immunity, gained the old stats back and kept the current kit It would be perfect, a strong non immune like Tryko is. There is the option of giving just one immunity to each indo.


Also, there’s a useful move combination that certain creatures could do with.
Stun+Nullification. This would fit Bajatonodon, Dilorach, as well as Tenontorex.

If you had one move that did both, they could all get it.


With the level of power it has now, i don’t think it’s too much, It wouldn’t be OP, just annoying for some people. Swap in definite headbutt proposed by @Thylo_75 is a good option but i feel It doesn’t fill the gap of power with just half strike damage.

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I was think just give more superiority move cause I’m titled of just strike

How about
superior nullification for dilorach,: deal 1x damage, cleanse distraction, reduce speed for one turn, remove positive effects

Decelerating distraction for rinex, deal 1x damage, reduce opponents speed by 50%, reduce targets attack by 50%

Superior shield: basically superiority strike but with shield

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I suppose the Uniques could do with more swapping. Another alternative is to add the evasion-removal from SI-Definite Strike onto Rampage-and-run.
Raking Claws-and-run or something like that.

I don’t want to make everything anti-dodge though, so that might be too much.


That what I meant by it wasn’t one immunity that stops it it’s multiple or full, indo having immunity to basically 2/3 of dilorach and rinex cause them to suffer since when you fight one you basically screwed same with say erlidom or Gemini vs spxs and dilorach they can do much if to nothing at at all

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