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Justice for yellow and damage per turn skill

*The Red dragons team now have many great buffs. This is a good new from Ludia, because green get all good stuff and they are too strong.
But why Yellow do not get the same way?
Even there are no anti purple dragon, no increasing damage get for purple dragons skill in game!
And all know how strong purple dragons are!

*For The Aurosh King, the Yelow buffalord, his skill show that he do 145% damage to all foes, but the truth is he do 145% damage to all foes for 3 turn. It mean after 3 turn, he do less damage than Red smoldering Slaggert for one turn. And both get the average spirit. His hitpoint is nothing again purple dragon, they can kill him by one combo. So dont let him to be so weak!

*The damage per turn skill need to be buff.
-This skill is useless in alpha battle.
-Super weak in normal battle.
-Can be cleansing
-Turn by turn, foes can heal, cast skill, deffend buff or just terminate all team.
-Cannot stack to other damage per turn/ any normal damage direct skill can stack damage. Why do a weaker skill even cannot be stack?

So, i recommend that you guy need to buff this skill need to can be stack with another damage per turn. Or do 50% damage more than normal damage direct skill.


I could be completely wrong with what I experienced or maybe I’m reading your massage not correctly? Because I always thought (and saw) that 145% damage for x turns means the enemy gets 145% damage each turn and this lasts for x turns. In my opinion a damage for x turns buff is pretty strong as soon as your dragon has good attack stats (because auf course you „lose“ some damage to the armor of enemies). So getting all foes hit by 145% damage 3 times, needing 3 turns, or getting them hit by 150% but only one time - which one would be better depends on how fast you get new matches of the certain color and how good the stats of your dragons are. Damage for x turns, especially to all foes, is amazing as soon as the attack stats of your dragon are strong enough, so I understand why such abilities do not stack.

Maybe you got confused with the ability to heal y% over x turns, which would mean that you get partial healing turn by turn until you reach y% in total after turn x?
Because that‘s not how damage for x turns works.

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145% damage for 3 turn mean 48% dam per turn. @Bee you are confused not me
Everybody know how weak this ability is

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But it‘s for turns not over turns. And the damage numbers for my new Stormfly fit with her getting over 100% damage each turn if I add the armor of enemies to her actual damage, it fits her attack stats.
But I‘m gonna recalculate that to be sure.

@Tung_Nguyen_Chi Did you prove your theory by taking Aurorch King to battle and doing the calculation of his damage (said by ability) regarding his attack stats and how much damage he actually dealt (numbers) and got an amount of damage lost by the armor afterwards that is incredibly high and therefore led you to your conclusion?

My account lvl is 50 so far, so i learned about this skill for 1.000 years ago
Your stormfly decrease 40% deffence of foes, that why she do that good damage. If you see other direct damage skill hit after stormfly do, you can learn about the truth of damage over turn

Why do you guy make Aurosh King even WORST? Now he do 145% damage by 4 turn, not 3 anymore, Ludia?

Okay, I did the maths and came to <20 armor after the armor break for relatively weak foes if I go by roughly 40% damage per turn for Stormfly, that seems fair. I‘m sorry that I got that wrong!
I didn‘t use damage over turns dragons much in the past, guess that‘s why I still believed they were quite powerful. Maybe Changewings will do something about that although I get why you‘re asking for a buff for damage-over-turns-dragons, only seems to be fair!