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JW Alive copying from Messages on iOS?

I’m on the new iOS 14 public beta and as some of you may know, it displays a popup when an app is copying from clipboard or another app. From time to time I get this popup with JWA when I launch the game.
Any explanation Ludia ?

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Maybe the app creates something on clipboard and copies it itself? Doesn’t have to be something nerfarious.

Thanks for sharing this, @stoian. I’ve forwarded this to the team and they’re looking into it.

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This is not Clipboard though, this is Messages. As far as I know there is a separate popup for Clipboard.
Hopefully it’s just a bug, I don’t think JWA needs anything from Messages :thinking:

@Ronald any news about this please? JWA seems to paste from any app that previously copy information, I just tested it. This is obviously concerning when copying sensitive information.

Hi, @stoian. We haven’t received an update but be rest assured that the team is looking into this. Your patience is appreciated!