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JW Alive copying from Messages on iOS?

I’m on the new iOS 14 public beta and as some of you may know, it displays a popup when an app is copying from clipboard or another app. From time to time I get this popup with JWA when I launch the game.
Any explanation Ludia ?

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Maybe the app creates something on clipboard and copies it itself? Doesn’t have to be something nerfarious.

Thanks for sharing this, @stoian. I’ve forwarded this to the team and they’re looking into it.

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This is not Clipboard though, this is Messages. As far as I know there is a separate popup for Clipboard.
Hopefully it’s just a bug, I don’t think JWA needs anything from Messages :thinking:

@Ronald any news about this please? JWA seems to paste from any app that previously copy information, I just tested it. This is obviously concerning when copying sensitive information.

Hi, @stoian. We haven’t received an update but be rest assured that the team is looking into this. Your patience is appreciated!

A few times when I’ve been logging in since updating to iOS 14 I’ve been notified that the app has pasted from my clipboard.

Anybody from Ludia want to explain why they need that information? Or am I right that it’s just a needless invasion of privacy?

If I’m not going to get a reply here where do I go for a complaint?

Seriously - why is JWA invading our privacy this way? Ludia - do you want to defend why you need this?!

(If the photo isn’t loading for you - it’s a picture of iOS 14 informing me that JWA has been pasting from my clipboard when I sign into the app)


I think it’s just a bug in the game, like so many other bugs. I’ve tested it and if you copy a URL in Youtube app for example, logging in the game right after that will display a popup that JWA copied from Youtube. It could be a harmless bug, but it would have been better if Ludia provided a response anyway.

Hey @Dcjztkt & @stoian, the team confirmed that this is indeed a bug they’re working out with iOS 14 and rest assured that JWA is not copying any personal or private data. You can get more information on what data JWA tracks by tapping your In-Game Profile > Settings > Help & Info > Data Management.


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