JW Alive epic strike event poblems

I have been playing this game since day1 and I never had problems with strike events, except for the damn freaking epic strike events. This time there was an epic incubator against a level 30 kaprosuchus and irritator. Normally I shouldn’t have a problem with this because I have a full legendary team. I used Utahsinoraptor, Indominus Rex since my other dinos have armor and shield but those shields will be broken. I started off with Indominus Rex, should be no problem. Cloak still hit (no problem 50/50 chance), swapped to Kapro and strike swap hit me with a freaking 5% crit chance and Indo Rex died. I lost the battle and spend freaking 200 bucks to retry while none of my dinos died the second time. These unlucky events happened to me so many times that I probably spend over 1000 bucks just to retry. Ludia really needs to fix this issue.